Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bleach DVD vol. 13 Impression

A quick detour and Bleach volume 13 is back on track. Don Kanonji returns for one funny adventure, assembling the Karakura Superheroes to battle hollows. As this quirky story comes to a conclusion the action back in the Soul Society hits new levels as Ichigo continues his Bankai training and Renji departs to free Rukia. A fateful encounter with Kuchiki leaves him close to death. The true power of Bankai begins here and continues as a certain power hungry captain frees Ganju, Chad and Uryu then takes on two fellow captains who show what it means to be a member of the court guards. As Rukia’s execution time approaches, and keeps getting moved up, it’s not just Ichigo and his team the Soul Reapers need to fear for the entire society becomes split on what is wrong and what is right. Just who will come out on top … that’s for volume 14.

Volume 13 of Bleach is everything there is to love about this series. Yeah, the first episode is fluff, made up of one page chapter beginning snippets from the manga, but the next three episodes really kick into gear and utilize the excellent, solid animation, design and voice work. Ichigo continues his training, but the action with Renji, release of his Bankai as well as three captains facing off, now we are hitting the ground running. Volume 12 offered up a lot of background and now, while there is still some history to tell, the action and confrontations begin to make sense and there is no turning back. Yeah there is still more background to learn (like what the hell happened to Aizen) but with these type of special powers, Bankai being unleashed there is so much to love about Bleach and very little to dislike.

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