Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 Anbu Black Ops Trailer

Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 is, as the number states, the second Naruto title to hit the Nintendo Wii. Like it's predecessors CNR2 will feature head-to-head fighting action mixed in with story elements from the anime and manga. Many reviewers will jump on the fact this series, on the Wii and GameCube before, look very similar and don't hold up very well when compared to Rise fo a Ninja and Ultimate Ninja Storm, but those folks don't get it. The Wii is not a next-gen machine, it's graphics won't be on the cutting edge, but this is not a bad thing. See the Wii is the market leader right now selling like hot cakes. The Wii is in more households and it's games have a lower price point and here's the real kicker. There are not enough 'hard-core' titles for the Wii, and CNR2 is going to fill this gap perfectly. The gameplay (first game and GameCube) is fun, solid fighting game fare and the content is so accessible, Naruto is the new DBZ, and guess what, all those kiddies out there with a Wii in their house will want Naruto, period, end of discussion. Say what you want next-gen folks, the Wii is winning right now and this Naruto title is going to ride that wave. Oh, the trailer, my whole reason for posting, it features an Anbu Black Ops member named Yugao, and it's plain good looking, see for yourself.

Kotobukiya Halo 3 Steel Spartan Images

Kotobukiya has long been known for mega-detailed statues and figures spanning Star Wars to Ninja Gaiden, Dragon Quest, Marvel, Batman and Halo ... just to name a few. Well Halo fans are about to get a very special treat and with Halo Wars right around the corner it's time to bust out the Halo 3 Steel Spartan Field of Battle Limited Edition ArtFx Statue. While I've not seen this figure in person yet I can most def vouch for the work Koto does (I reviewed their Star Wars Vader vs. Luke figure a while back and will be posting that review again here as it appeared in Comics Alliance). Anyway, check out these images, they do look really hot, good times. Oh, click images below to see even more detail

Kotobukiya Halo 3 Steel Spartan 1
Kotobukiya Halo 3 Steel Spartan 2
Kotobukiya Halo 3 Steel Spartan 3
Kotobukiya Halo 3 Steel Spartan 4
Kotobukiya Halo 3 Steel Spartan 5

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

xxxHolic vol. 3 Impression

From the twisted meaning of a pinky promise to the innocence of a fox sprits, volume 3 of xxxHolic from FUNimation continues the strange journey Watanuki is on. As he continues to work, cook and clean for Yuko, Watanuki encounters new and ever more bizarre and different people, sprits and experiences. A young lady encounters karma when she lightly uses pinky promises while a chance encounter with some fox spirits leads to tasty treats. What is a boy to do when a spirit has a crush on him and a house haunts him … well keep working for Yuko is what cause it’s all in a day’s work.

Holic continues to deliver clever story telling wrapped in a package of unique animation you will either love or … you’re going to love it. This is not an action anime, not a shonen title, but it does deliver thrills and storytelling I’ve only enjoyed on a level with Mushi-Shi. The animation keeps focus on the main characters, with grayed out background content. From the plain black school uniforms to the intricate festival garb Clamp’s flavor is here to soak in. Watanuki is as annoying as ever and Yuko, both lax and sensual all at the same time. The stories are each excellent in themselves, stand alone very well, but tie together seamlessly. A pinky promise to multiple boyfriends backfires on one unlucky client leading to a not-so-nice run in with all said boyfriends. A fox spirit and his son are aided by Watanuki, and a shadow bird saved on an evil night while the spirits, or I should say on particular cute spirit, crushes on our ‘hero’ with him totally oblivious. Finally a summer beach escape is wrapped in a haunted house, but hey isn’t that the norm now?

Each volume of Holic delivers and builds on this format, unique animation and characters combined with unique storytelling. The package is great, not the best anime on the market but the best at what it is. Anime fans looking for a series to relax too, to sit back and absorb need to take xxxHolic for a spin, trust me it’s worth the bones.

Transformers: DVD vs. HD-DVD

Back in November of 2007 I picked up both the HD-DVD and DVD version of the Transformers movie. As you may tell by my profile icon (Optimus, 85) I love Transformers, and last year's movie was plain sweet! I just had to go outside the norm and compare the two and looking back and knowing a bit more about the DVD extras I'd still have to go with HD-DVD. So, as I continue to move content from dying blogs that I've written here is a look at some Transformers HD-DVD vs. DVD ...
Transformers HD-DVD

Transformers the movie. The tale of the struggle between the valiant Autobots led by Optimus Prime and the treacherous Decepticons led by Megatron ... but you already knew this. The story of the Autobots and Decepticons is now well know with Michael Bay's interpretation of the struggle, an interpretation that pay homage to the original 80's cartoon series and the animated movie from 1985. As a life long Transformers fan who remembers sitting in the theater and watching the epic struggle as Optimus and Megatron clashed and having read and owned the entire 80 issue US comic series I was the biggest skeptic for the new movie, and the character design. My fears were unfounded as the movie I soaked in on July 3rd was every bit as magical as the original series, thanks in large part to Peter Cullen voicing Optimus. I could not wait till the day I could take home this movie and put it up on a nice HDTV, to see the struggle renewed anew in the comfort of my home. That day has passed with the release of Transformers not only on DVD but also HD-DVD. Which ones the best, well that's what I'm about to spout off on.

First up is the regular edition DVD I picked up at Wal-mart. The movie itself is region 1, anamorphic widescreen with the usual audio trimmings, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround with English, French and Spanish options and subtitles in the same languages. The movie itself left me wanting more, even in HD. It looked good, just not great. It was a DVD on an HDTV, and it was very apparent. I was also very bummed that there were no special features, no trailers nada. I get this is a basic DVD, but you gotta give the fans something, not everyone can do HD-DVD. Now there may be no extras on the main DVD there is a bonus disc, "Transformers Beginnings." This 19 minute feature is a live action comic. It's narrated by Peter Cullen and tells the prequel story as seen in IDW Publishing's comic adaptation of the movie. This extra is very nice, and makes the bare-bones DVD it's packaged with well worth the purchase. HD or not, the secondary DVD is good, the comic it's pulled form even better. Overall I was pleased with my purchase. The main movie I'll watch over and over, the secondary DVD, while great, I only needed to see once.

Second to the plate, the 2-disc HD-DVD. Now this, this is a good looking movie. While I got goose-bumps watching the regular DVD on an HDTV the HD-DVD really froze me with excitement. See, until I watched this movie in HD I never really grasped what it was all about. The picture clarity, the sharp details, the sound, everything is so much better. Back in July when I started thinking ahead to watching this movie in HD, this is how I dreamed it would be. Yes, it's that good. This is to be expected when comparing the HD experience versus what we're used too. In addition to the higher quality there are the bonuses we've come to expect from a blockbuster film like Transformers. First up, the audio commentary from Michael Bay, best absorbed in small doses as it gets very annoying watching a movie with some talking. I suggest checking out the scenes you want more info on. This is just the tip of the burg as viewers are treated to nine more features. These are cleverly divided up into 'Our World,' 'Their War' and 'More than Meets the Eye.' In a nutshell, get inside both Spielberg and Bay's head; learn about the making of the movie, toy influence, Chevy's involvement and a close-up look at the Skorponok attack. Lot of features, all good stuff.

So where does that leave us? Go get an HD-DVD player. The entire HD package is well worth the purchase, especially when you add in all the bonus content. The movie looks great, sounds great and with all the features leaves any Transformers fan feeling fat and happy. If you do not have an HDTV get the regular DVD. You'll get the same movie experience and while you won't get all the bonus features the beginnings DVD is nice. It's sad to see that the regular DVD is so bare, but I guess that's where we're going in the new age of HD. I love Transformers, and just had to share these thoughts with you as I was able to experience the best of both worlds and share it with you.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Halo Wars Box Art Revealed

Here you go, simple and true, the Halo Wars box art straight to you. Usually I don't really fret too much about box art, but when it comes to a series like Halo you just have to pay attention and take note. Seeing that there are at least three Spartan class armors on the cover leads to seeing them as a special class in game and the drop ships and backup units screams invasion, more to come ...

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm August Trailer

As promised a new trailer for Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm ...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm New Images, August 2008

I'm working on uploading a new trailer for Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, but I just have to share these hot images with you, from the game, really not the anime, the game, they look this hot. So here you go, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm gameplay images.

Afro Samurai 2 Resurrection - Extended Action Movie Trailer

A few weeks ago I mentioned how FUNimation is now putting content on YouTube, well here is one such trailer which I'm mega geeked about. Afro is back in Afro Samurai 2 Resurrection and this trailer takes an extended look at the very Hollywood-ish trailer, good stuff.

Resident Evil 5 Leipzig 2008 Trailer

Resident Evil 5 is getting closer and closer to release and this new trailer from Leipzig 2008 is just crazy hot. So many story components revealed, kind of, this is true next-gen evil in action.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disgaea Manga Impression

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice for PlayStation 3 is the first next-gen entry in the super detailed strategy role-playing franchise from NIS America. It’s just the latest chapter in the long running franchise that goes back to the PlayStation 2 and has entries on PSP and upcoming on DS. With hours of gameplay and a storyline that is just plain fun and goofy what’s not to love about this franchise. Now not everyone has the time to get into what is potentially a 100+ hour game but you don’t need to miss out on the story. While I cannot speak for Disgaea 3, I can tell you there are a few nice ‘other’ media items to enjoy. For those of you who fall into this camp there's the Disgaea and Disgaea 2 manga along with some other sweet swag, lets take a peek shall we.

Disgaea Graphic Novel – Published by Broccoli Books the Disgaea manga is a great introduction to the zany underworld inhabited by Prince Laharl, Etna, Prinnies and Flonne. Readers are introduced to the world of Disgaea where after a two year nap Prince Laharl is awakened by his father's vassal, Etna, to discover his castle in ruins and that his father has passed away. At the same time he's awakened an angel assassin, Flonne, makes a trip to the netherworlds with orders to assassinate the king. One problem, he's already dead so being the love and peace marching (carrying a large mace) that she is, she joins up with Laharl on his journey. The prince is out to establish himself as the new Overlord in his father's absence. He must, and does, fight would-be usurpers of the throne as well as adventurous heroes trying to make a name for themselves. Throw in the scheming of Etna and her penguin like Prinny troops and you've got a very funny formula that works as well on paper as it does in pixilated form.

The art by Arashi Shindo takes a little getting used to. See the original art, which in my opinion really nails what Disgaea is all about, was done by Takehito Harada, and is a pleasure to look at. Shindo does an admirable job with the manga, and portrays the characters and setting in a very fine light, but just seems off at first. The humor a dialogue is spot on with what fans of the series would come to expect from the franchise. No, the only issue I have with this manga is it's too short. Once volume, and because of this we miss out on any interaction with the human heroes as well as some very important back story items about Laharl's mother. Besides the game I'm comparing the manga to the anime from Geneon Entertainment (three volumes a great buy) which was just picked up by FUNimation and will get another release. While the anime was short it did cover the main story points and I would have loved to have seen the manga fleshed out just a bit more, a few more volumes to hit all the points. At the end of the day you're left with a good introduction to the world of Disgaea, but just an introduction, there is so much more.

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories vol. 1 – Also published by Broccoli Books the Disgaea 2 manga fills in some story gaps between the first and second video games, but if you've read the first manga is also a great standalone product. Meet Adell, the last human in Veldime, a world that's under the rule of Overlord Zenon. See Adell and his family try to summon Zenon in order to fight him and free folks of the curse, the curse being everyone is turned into demons. Little problem, they summon Zenon's daughter Rozalin. Now she's bound to Adell and the two of them journey to find Zenon. That pretty much covers the jist of volume 1. We also see that Etna, in order to become an Overlord herself has left Laharl and is also searching out Zenon. The stage is set and the volume wraps up with introductions to the main players to come.

Cursed Memories vol. 1 does a great job of recapping the original Disgaea, the main events at least, which opens one of my criticisms of missing story points, but anyway this is an introduction manga. The art, by Hekaton, is closer to the original art seen on the cover, by Harada, and really, very close to the game itself. Where the Disgaea manga went into a lot of detail, Cursed Memories gives a concise intro that leaves readers wanting more (I know I do). Each chapter has a preview of the next chapter which is both funny and has nothing to do with what is actually going on, typical Disgaea. It's really great fun and what one would expect from a manga based on a video game. Most def worth the purchase.

Now I cannot talk about the Disgaea manga with out mention Rosenqueen. See, Disgaea is considered a niche title, but damn if all games couldn't take a page from their marketing book. The characters in Disgaea are great, very memorable and just outstanding to look at. Rosenqueen is a site that offers not just the games, DVDs and manga but also the figures, posters and more form the series. See my personal favorite items are the figures, of which there are many. They are not about articulation but rather display. Check out these Disgaea version 2 figures to see what I mean (good price also). Looking to display some great character art, check out the Netherworld All-Star Poster: Inauguration but the best I'm saving for last.

Own your very own Prinny plushy, or two. Etna's own personal servants, damned souls imprisoned in the body of a Prinny are priceless. You've got your normal blue Prinny and you've got your pink Big Sis Prinny. I love these, and if you're a Disgaea fan you will too. No doubt about it I really like this site, tons to pick from for a game that will have you playing for hours, and a manga that will have you rolling around laughing. Check it out, good times.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shaman King vol. 16 Impression

Alliances are questioned and true origins revealed in Shaman King volume 16 from Viz. As the fights continue Yoh approaches the X-Laws, to visit with Lyserg and address their desire for his membership. As he declines, and it appears a conflict is inevitable the Iron Maiden reveals herself and prevents the X-Laws from challenging Yoh as he is not the true enemy. Lyserg meanwhile begins to wonder if he sided with the right shamans. This doubt is only increased as team Hoshi-Gumi takes on team X-III. All three X-Laws, Meene, Cebin and Venstar are killed by Hao and his oversoul, a sacrifice they knew they would make to reveal Hao’s true power for the remaining members of their team. The level of his powers, the fate of those he kills and his true origin leave everyone involved shaken, even Ren who is Hao’s next recruit. The shaman fights continue, but will they reach their conclusion?

Let me get something out of the way right now. Like One Piece and Dragon Ball Z before it the animated version of Shaman King got the raw deal. The manga is not for kiddies, neither was the true anime, but of course this was seen as a kids show and … well you know the rest. Volume 16 of the Shaman King manga hammers home the point that this is not a kids show. Death, murder, revenge, attempt to kill a child, yeah this manga has some twisted content. The story is deeper than just a fight with shamans. We’ve got the character growth, friends becoming enemies and vice-versa. What I enjoy the most is Yoh’s growth and how he attracts others, not to his cause but rather just to him. The art style is unique and quite easy on the eyes. It’s easy to see how someone could mistake this for a younger series. I love how each oversoul looks, especially the baby Spirit of Fire, but more on the story in a minute. The art style relays a slick and fast paced action that makes turning the page a chore you want to accomplish ASAP. Seeing the Spirit of Fire unleash its power, the Iron Maiden and her simple innocence, yeah it’s the perfect style.

Good art is nothing without the story and this volume of Shaman King delivers. The humor seen in the series is still present, but toned down due to a few, four really, events that unfold. First up (oh, watch for spoilers), First, Yoh’s encounter with the X-Laws. Yes each is out to stop Hao, but their methods are vastly different. We see the X-Laws for what they are, murderers bent on nothing but revenge. Second story aspect, Hao’s failed attempt at recruiting Ren, one in which Ren see real power, scary power. Third is the fight where Hao’s power is teased at, not only does he have control of fire but of all elements. His elimination of the X-Law team and consumption of their spirits ups the ante just a bit. The best, fourth, story element in this volume is the extra story at the end where Yoh reveals who Hao really is. Yes we all know he is an ancestor, but we learn he is the reincarnated, twin brother of Yoh, born with the intent of being killed to prevent the terror he would bring. One small catch, the spirit of fire is born with him, as a baby itself in fact, and protects Hao and steals him away. It’s at this time Yoh is taken and trained with the intention of stopping his brother. Yeah, lots going on and all well told. Each of these story elements unfold without interruption. The flow is not interrupted and nothing is lost in each story pieces impact. This is good versus evil, but there are many shades of gray mixed in and these shades have never looked more appealing to this manga fan.

Shaman King is heating up; the action is on par with any manga out now even if the art does not always relay this fact. Here’s to hoping volume 17 is just as solid.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Switch vol. 1 Impression

Back on December 4th, 2007 when I wrote about Ral Grad I also spoke about Switch. I may take a look at a few more volumes for this manga, but if you are wondering about the volume 1, here you go.

Story and art by Saki Otoh and Nakamura Tomomi. Switch is the story about Kai Eto, the latest cop to join the Greater Kanto Narcotics Control Division. Eto is teamed up with the doll Hal Kurabayashi. The Narcotics Division is investigating the latest drug to hit the streets, DS also known as Dragon Speed (not that of Nintendo fame). DS is being run into the country by the Ryugen syndicate out of China and competition for these and other collars comes from the local Meguro Police department, so competition is fierce. One hitch, the Meguro PD do not have all the freedom the Narcotics Division does, and the two just don't seem to want to play nice. Eto is also very tentative for his work; afraid to take defense and fighting courses, but yet he unleashes an inner bad cop on one unlucky bad guy.

I'd love to get into more detail but to tell the truth I found Switch a little confusing. It really jumps around, hitting on two main cases, showing Eto's dark side once and never really capturing the reader's attention. The cliff hanger ending and bad cop Eto are the two story points that can really bring me back for more, but I feel that Switch does not know if it wants to be a mature Shojo book or hard core Shonen manga. Until Switch makes the choice I'm going to have to put this on the borrow list, as in get a friend to buy it and borrow it.

Ral Ω Grad vol. 1 Impression

I originally published this on Comics Alliance back on December 4th, 2007, before it came out. Ral Ω Grad volume 1 from Viz is rock solid, lets see what I said before.

From artist of Death Note, Takeshi Obata with story by Tsune Takano Ral Grad is the story of a Dragon, a shadow dragon sealed away in a baby boy. During a great war shadow monsters began to appear, monsters that could live in a persons (or animals) shadow, share the host's body, control the body or completely consume the host and use their shape for deception. These shadows are evil for the most part, with rare exceptions such as Ral and Grad. See Grad is a shadow dragon, a very powerful one who was sealed by a knight in the body of a baby, and the baby was sealed in a tomb with no light. Day after day the boy grew and was tutored by Mio, a young lady not too bad on the eyes. When shadows attack the kingdom has no choice but to enlist the help of the innocent Ral and his dragon Grad. They are released, save the day and Ral starts to learn about the finer things in life, mainly women. He loves him some ladies and will do anything to protect them, even setting out on a journey to vanquish the evil queen of the shadows, herself only concerned with being beautiful.

That is a quick, quick summary of Ral Grad, called Blue Dragon in Japan, not tied to the Microsoft video game here in the states. The art, coming from Obata is outstanding and the story crafted by Takano is both funny and violent with clashes of monsters and shadows that's going to look great when it's animated (it will be). As a character Grad is wise and guides the young Ral, who's no pushover himself, even though he lets on that he is. As the story progresses new friends join the journey, enemies are revealed as are powers, pretty standard fare for an action anime. What sets Ral Grad apart is story, or I should say the potential in the story. The mix of unique characters and shadow powers has reliving my Blue Dragon days on the Xbox, but finally getting the mature adventure I wanted. Here's to hoping this story really progresses, until then Ral Grad is a must buy for any fantasy, action manga fan.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight DVD Impression

After three hundred years Takhisis, goddess of evil, has begun her return to the world of Krynn along with her dragons. As her dragon armies move across the land a small band of reluctant heroes is about to get swept up in a legendary adventure. Goldmoon, a plainswoman, arrives in the town of Solace at the Inn of Last Home carrying a blue crystal staff, one that holds great power and danger as the queens armies are searching for just such a staff. Goldmoon comes across Tanis and his friends and the adventure begins. Raistlin, Tanis, Goldmoon, Riverwind, Sterm, Flint, Tasselhoff and Cameron begin their journey and the world will never be the same.

Ok, brief recap her because face the facts folks, you either know Dragonlance or you should know it. I first read Dragons of Autumn Twilight back in the early 90’s, one of the first novels I read (right after Legend of Huma). Since then I’ve read the story about 4 more times in various formats and the adventure always hooks me. Long have I dreamed about an animated adaptation as well as a next-gen video game adventure. While I have to wait for the latter, but first has become a reality, in a sense. Let me start with the good, the voice acting. Some decent names from Kiefer Sutherland to Lucy Lawless and Michael Rosenbaum lend their talents and emotion to a cast as memorable as any seen in Middle-earth, maybe more so due to their continued adventures and the rich world they inhabit. Ok, so the good is done, now the bad. The story, oh the story in the novels is that life-long love that never ages, never fades or loses her glory. The story in the anime is stripped down to cover just the basics of the story. Lost are side adventures (Riverwind never gets hurt) and the character development and the back stories and the … well you get the point. It’s a shame as in my mind I see this trilogy being the fantasy what Lodoss War was animation wise and Gundam is story and side-story wise. There are so many excellent novels that you could have run with a three season series, one for each novel with side-stories like early adventures, Huma’s story, etc. So much material and we get a stripped down cliff notes version. Ah, but that’s not the worst, I’ve not touched on the animation. The Simpsons at its peak compared to the version on the Tracy Ulman show, yeah that’s how this compares to a newer anime such as Tsubasa Chronicles. Simply put, it’s a failed mixture of traditional animation and CGI (dragon armies). I could have worked, but does not. It’s like two different realities trying to merge. It’s just bad animation, especially when they have Raist showing concern on his face, which we all know he does not do.

So take the excellent work of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, strip it down, throw in some college-level I need extra credit animation and some great voice actors and you’ve got Dragons of Autumn Twilight on DVD. It’s sad cause this movie, properly done, and longer in length, could have hooked a whole new audience, a new generation, but as it stands now it’s for fans like me. See I can already not wait for Dragons of Winter Night. I’ll buy it ASAP, and if you love Dragonlance as much as I do then you’ll buy it too. It’s not too late for a truly epic anime based on one of the best franchises in fantasy writing ever. Why stop at anime, let’s do this proper with Peter Jackson LOTR style (but please dear god, do not do to my boys Raist and Tanis what was done to poor Eragon).

Bleach Dark Souls DS Gameplay Trailer

More Bleach on the Nintendo DS, ah what a grand time to be an anime fan. Bleach Dark Souls is the second entry from Sega for the Nintendo DS, and it is what it is, a side-scrolling, specail move filled fan-fest, and a good looking, good playing one at that. The DS is keeping alive old-school gaming and I for one am not complaining. Good times will be had with Dark Souls. Don't believe me, oh well, take a look and ... well hell I'm going to buy me a copy, what you do is your call, but can't call yourself a Bleach fan without a copy ...

Rise of the Argonauts Xbox 360 Story Trailer

Rise of the Argonauts from Codemasters is looking to expore another piece of myth, the story of Jason and his Argonauts. The action and textures in the screenshots seen looks amazing, and should be even more so on a nice high-def TV. The game site fleshes out the story details more so I totally say go check it out, and enjoy this nice little trailer showing off what is to come. Fans of mythology need to check this out, looks like we are in for one hell of a grand adventure.

This is very cool also, a contest for stacker 2 where you design a t-shirt and the winner gets a year’s supply of 6 Hour Power, 10 t-shirts with your own design on it, an Xbox 360 or a PS3, and a copy of Rise of the Argonauts. For all the contest details checkout this link:

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Dark Side of the Horse I

This was my first post about Star Wars comics posted on Comics Alliance back on September 13th, 2007. I only wrote about three comics at the time but since then I've had four more installments of Dark Side of the Horse, II through IV will be re-published here. I really enjoy these books and since Dark Horse releases collections thse recaps are still good.

I love me some Star Wars. From the original trilogy to Dark Empire to the Thrawn Trilogy (the best I tell ya, the best). That love was not even challenged with Episode I-III, it only grew stronger because no matter what happened on the silver screen the world of Star Wars was fleshed out even more with more characters and stories. Dark Horse is the dealer to my feeming for Star Wars with their line of comics that span everything before, after and during the movies.

I've recently re-connected with the Dark Horse Star Wars comics, and with their 30th Anniversary volumes this is a great time for you to do the same. Journey with me as I take a look at three of the latest Star Wars comics from Dark Horse, it's time to give into the Dark Side of the Horse.

Star Wars: Rebellion #9
Billed as the 'hottest issue yet' in the Rebellion line of comics, issue 9 finds the Rebel spy turned errand boy Wyl Tarson and his hastily assembled team on Ahakista. See, Wyl was discovered as a spy by the crime lord Raze who proceeded to do what crime lords do ... plant a bomb in Wyl's head and send him on a suicide mission. Wyl, knowing he can't risk active Rebel agents, assembles a team of castoffs none will miss. Team assembled, planet reached and now Wyl and his team wait underground for some good ol' fashioned Star Wars shield deactivation. Above ground the Empire, Darth Vader included, are tearing the snot out of the local populace and its local militia. Throw in a guide who's a former Jedi, another lightsaber wielding non-Jedi, some force use that grabs Vader's attention and viola, great book is had.

I love reading side stories like this where even if all the characters buy the farm it's still great to see what the rest of the universe was doing while Vader was running rampant. Issue 9 continues the Rebellion story with well to do art, but it's best features, a three-way Jedi throw down in issue 10. If you can pick up the earlier issues it's great to get the full background on Rebellion, but the opening page does an admirable job of outlining the story thus far, and when Vader's involved, hell it don't get much better than that.

Star Wars: Legacy #15--Claws of the Dragon pt. 2
Set in the future of the Star Wars universe, Legacy, Claws of the Dragon gives insight into what happens after the rebellion, after Luke and Mara Jade and their kids, and so on. Darth Krayt has captured Cade Skywalker as Skywalker posses a unique power in the force, that to heal, even raise the dead. Darth Krayt needs this power, needs to bend Skywalker to the dark side to complete his own quest for the restoration of his powers. That is the story of Legacy 15 in a nutshell, a tiny, tiny nutshell, but it works.

See, I'm kinda lost on what Darth Krayt's story is. I know how he came to power, but based on this issue I still don't' know what power he's trying to restore, how he as more than one Sith apprentice and his role as Emperor. If this story had anyone but Skywalker in it I might have lost interested, but it does and I have not. Unlike Rebellion, Legacy needs more understanding of past events for the reader to truly enjoy what's going on. I am captivated by the direction of the story, and would love to learn more about both Krayt and Cade, so hopefully I'll be rewarded soon, very, very soon. I recommend picking up a few volumes of Legacy before 15. It will make the overall enjoyment much more ... enjoyable for those, like me, looking to expand their understanding of the future of Star Wars. Oh, and you get to learn who Darth Krayt really is, neat!

Star Wars: 30th Anniversary vol. 6 - Endgame HC
Ah, the classy comic you can keep on your coffee table, bookshelf, bathroom ... it just looks good no matter where it is. I mentioned above that you can, can not catch up on the stories by picking up past volumes. Not an issue with this sweet collection Dark Horse is putting out for Star Wars 30th Anniversary. Hard cover, great binding and a collection of stories sure to satisfy, in this case anyone wondering what happened to the Jedi when order 66 was handed down. Not everyone died right away, some lived, and some were hunted down later as relayed in the Endgame Hard Cover.

Four stories, two minutes to two months after the Jedi elimination began. See Quinlan Vos fight to stay alive to see his loved ones again, Kai Huddora as he sees the end of his Jedi days, Dass Jennir as he leads old enemies against a common foe and the story of a young Vader who is almost destroyed while seeking out Kenobi. This a great book since it brings together so many stories in one space and fleshes out what was going on outside the movies. The art varies, but it's the stories that drive this book. Highly recommended for any true Star Wars collector, and if you're friends with one get him (or her) to buy so you can read

Monday, August 11, 2008

Blade of the Warrior: Kshatriya Preview

Virgin Comics has released a preview of their new upcoming title Blade of the Warrior: Kshatriya I don't know to omuch beyond the original release info, but I'll be back in touch once I get my hands on this puppy and can review for you. For now enjoy the preview and this quick description straight from Virgin Comics ...

"An exiled prince, whose kingdom was stolen by his demonic brother, returns for revenge in this epic sword-and-sorcery tale of bravery, retribution and family war set in a mysterious eastern kingdom. Torn between vengeance and honor, and forced to survive only with his wits and the mystic black blade he wields more fiercely than any man, Kshatriya’s (shut-ree-yuh) path is paved with blood on his journey to becoming the greatest warrior the world has ever known."

Blade of the Warrior: Kshatriya Issue 1 Cover
Blade of the Warrior: Kshatriya Preview Image 1
Blade of the Warrior: Kshatriya Preview Image 2
Blade of the Warrior: Kshatriya Preview Image 3

Blade of the Warrior: Kshatriya Preview Image 4
Blade of the Warrior: Kshatriya Preview Image 5

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Time Stranger Kyoko, Vol. 1 Impression

Shojo Beat strikes gold again with Time Stranger Kyoko volume 1. Kyoko is just your average high-school student getting ready for her 16th birthday, with one hitch, she is actually the lands princess who must reveal herself and assume her roles and responsibilities as she turns 16, thus losing the average life and friends she has come to love. There is a way out and that is to wake her twin sister who’s been in a coma for years, using the 12 holy stones and 12 telepaths scattered throughout time. The clock is slowly counting down on her sister Ui, whose life is slowly fading unless Kyoko can gather the stone and telepaths to save her. Unfortunately as her birthday approaches Kyoko does reveal who she is to her classmates, and in place of their hate she is met with their support, support which helps her on the journey to save her sister. With her dragon tribe bodyguards, Sakataki and Hizuki, at her side she learns to use her powers to gather what is needed to save Ui, all the while learning about herself and having a good old immature time along the way.

Every once in a while I really get into a shojo manga, and being a very shonen guy I’ve gotta say I dig Time Stranger Kyoko. Crafted by Arina Tanemura the artwork is very pretty, very shojo with fine detail and funny humor mixed in all tied around a grand adventure put off by its tween awkwardness. Nothing in this story feels forced from the princess desire to stay ‘normal’ to saving her sister, encountering the thief Witzig as well as learning to travel through time, stop time, learn about the decimation of the dragon tribe and of course herself. Heck, even the talking Time Scorpion Cane has its moments. It’s a fine author who can take such odd pieces and craft a story that is fun, sad, touching all while keeping a sense of adventure and action any guy or gal can enjoy. I found myself remembering anime such as Escaflowne and Utena due to this mixture. Like Wild Ones (which I just reposted here on Anime Sentinel) this is a shojo that breaks the mold and can convert folks, like me, to pick up more ‘girl’ manga. Worth the purchase, worth the read, just plain worth it, you manga fans owe it to yourself to check out Time Stranger Kyoko from Viz.

Wild Ones vol. 1 Impression

I originally published this article on Comics Alliance back on October 25th 2007. Recently I recevied news the site, AIM's official Comic Book community site, is going away, being shut down, all content gone. I had a lot of good times, fun post, on that site that have remeined there, I even reference them in my first post on this blog. So with it being shut down I'm bringing my content here. There are comic and manga reviews but also various round-ups of multiple manga and video games I don't want to loose and that I'll be expanding on in addition to new post. So here we go, the first of about 20 or so post being reborn ...

You've heard of Lifetime, television for women right? Well I've seen a few shows on this channel, courtesy of my wife, and I must say, it's TV for women indeed. It targets its audience and does not give the men in the house much chance to get hooked. Viz fortunately does not suffer from the same syndrome with its Shojo Beat manga lineup. Shojo manga are targeted at the female demographic, whereas the Shonen is more male oriented. Where one embraces action, the other takes on relationships, BUT not all the time. As a red-blooded, sports loving, raw meat eating guy I love me some action manga, but like any good breakfast cereal I have my sweet side also. Wild Ones from Viz's Shojo Beat line of manga appeals to my sweet side, but hooks me with its Yakuza influence.

Sachie Wakamura is adopted by her estranged grandfather after her mother passes away. The hitch, he's the head of a yakuza gang so Sachie's new 'family' is indeed different. As the granddaughter of the boss, Sachie cannot maintain her normal life no matter how much she tries, especially when Rakuto is assigned as her bodyguard. He's about the same age and attends the same high school as Sachie, but he's also mega-popular, good looking and an all-around stud. As to be expected Sachie begins to fall for Rakuto, but seeing as how she's the boss' granddaughter that's a no, no for the tow of them plus does Rakuto have the same feelings? Don't let the title mislead you. In volume 1 of Wild Ones Sachie and Rakuto are anything but wild. This is the story of a young girl thrust into a new world where violence reigns, yet none is really seen in the series. The yakuza henchmen are bumbling fools trying to please Sachie and offering their fingers for any misstep while the boss is (so far) a sweet caring grandfather missing is deceased daughter trying to know his granddaughter. At its heart is a romance brewing, one with history, one that is taboo due to the work status of Rakuto and the secrecy of Sachie's new family.

Wild Ones is written and penned by Kiyo Fujiwara. The story does leave the reader wanting more, wanting to know what will happen between Sachie and her grandfather, her school mates, with Rakuto as well portraying a humor that does not go over the top, and brings a smile to the readers face. These are two very likeable characters and many readers can identify with Sachie on some level, be it the loss of a mother, being thrust into new circumstances or finding a new love that's about to bloom. Rakuto's reasons for being in the servitude of a yakuza boss is to be explored further, but he's a very honorable character tied to a traditionally violent organization. He protects Sachie and shows a deep understanding of her situation that only the most gentlemanly of men understand. Will there be plot twist and action in the future volumes, I'm sure, but the lack of in volume 1 is not a hindrance and allows the characters and settings to flourish in a manner that even a Shonen fan like me can truly appreciate.

Shojo manga is not for everyone, but it's also not only for the farer sex. Wild Ones offers a very deep and engaging story that is not overly sappy or full of awkward moments, but instead is a more mature ... in a teenage way, manga most any manga fan will enjoy. Give Wild Ones a spin, it's fun, romantic and won't leave you feeling stripped of your manhood like a movie of the week on Lifetime.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blood+ vol. 2 Impression

Tragedy strikes in volume 2 of Blood+. As Saya, David and Haji rush to rescue George a truth about the government is revealed. Chiropterans are being manufactured by the military and the virus used has been given to George. As the virus takes affect George fights for control and please with Saya to continue on, to learn about herself and keep Riku and Kai safe. In his final act of humanity George pleads with Saya for her blood, so he can die as he is before being completely transformed. A tough decision Saya makes, and a sad time as their journey must begin with such a loss. The journey, to a private boarding school in Vietnam, Lycee du Cinq Fleche, which seems to be where the virus is coming from in wine shipments. In order to try to protect Riku and Kai, David sends them on their way with all the money they need to live, as long as they don’t pursue Saya, which of course they do. Saya is told the boys are safe so she will concentrate on her mission at the school, a school with a phantom that leaves blue roses. The blue roses, the school settings, the phantom, all seem to bring up memories for Saya, and a battle with the phantom confirms this as he insist he wants Saya to remember before he kills her. There is more to be revealed about the past and it all ties to the blue rose.

Volume 2 of Blood+ picks up the action and keeps it going. The animation is again better than I thought it would be. Not saying it should be bad, or would be bad, I just did not expect it to be as crisp and smooth as it is. The action if fast paced, and just over the top enough without being absurd. What is interesting in this volume is the story really does not feature too many fights with Chiropterans, but rather hints at the past. The death of George was sad, and very sudden. Did he really need to die, not sure of the reason for his death, hell the manga kept him alive. The mystery is what keeps this anime rock solid. What happened all those years ago to Saya in Vietnam, who is the Red Shield, what’s the deal with the blue roses and the phantom? So many questions that all get answered in their own time, not too fast or slow but just right. A bond is formed with each character as they are developed at a nice pace, with proper background revealed at proper times. The time between volumes is killing me, but for an anime this fine I can wait. With so much going on in the anime world, companies folding or dropping out, it’s nice to see Sony step in with a very fine anime, delivery and packaging method. Blood+ is a fine addition to your Goth, vampire anime library and if you want to go volume by volume or get all of season one it’s nice to have the option.

FUNimation on YouTube

Knew it was going to happen, hell there is a ton of pirated anime on YouTube already. Now FUNimation steps up and puts some official roots down with YouTube. Read more about FUNimation and YouTube and think about this. ADV, Geneon and others, NewType, have fallen on hard times in the anime biz. Not enough shelf space, way too many titles, many very niche. The digital download is the way to go to get shows out, spend a few bucks to 'try' a series, good stuff. Only so much limited cable channels can do also, so this is a good direction. Me, I'll still find what I want in stores, I just love having my colleciton grow, but for those fringe anime fans get on board, it's easier than you think.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ragnarok the Animation vol. 3 Impression

Like any good adventure and ending must occur. Roan and his group of adventures all encounter their own inner demons and as they battle through their doubts and challenges the final showdown with the Dark Lord grows closer. Roan and Yufa take on new job classes but as with any growth things don’t go smoothly. Who is it Roan truly means to protect and will Yufa ever put her brother behind her and move on with her true love? As our heroes come to grips with their destiny, will it be in time or has the Dark Lord already won? In the final volume of Ragnarok it’s Student vs. Teacher, Child vs. Half-demon and Best Friend vs. Best Friend. Things are always darkest before the dawn.

Sounds like a back of the box description, but as with most final volumes I don’t want to spoil too much, well until I chat about it here. The third and final volume of Ragnarok from FUNimation follows the expected paths of doubt and change seen in many RPG. Our party goes separate ways only to end at the same destination both stronger and more sure of themselves. The animation is decent, but when you compare it to the art of the online Ragnarok it’s a bit lacking, kinda like comparing Record of Lodoss War to Chronicles of a Heroic Knight. The story is again standard but fun, very reminiscent of The Slayers but it really has nothing to do with Ragnarok. The manga hits on all cylinders but the anime is a beast of it’s own. So the final eight episodes don’t leave any loose ends. The story reaches a satisfying climax as Roan realizes who he loves, who he is meant to protect while Yufa does the same. Takius takes on her former teacher and saves him to some extent while Maya confronts the killer of Alice, showing her demons and humans can exist together. Iruga finishes what he must with his former best friends and things get kinda sad, but not too much so. The final battle and conflict resolution is good, and the hidden players, other gods, involved who make themselves known is a nice twist, one that would have been great earlier in the series.

At the end of the day Ragnarok the Animation volume 3 wraps up a good fantasy anime, a great bargain in three collections. The animation and story break no molds, but will satisfy any fantasy anime fans. Fans of Ragnarok will get a kick out of familiar settings and characters classes but not much more. If you liked Lodoss, Slayers or have been a fan of old-school role-playing games you will like Ragnarok for everything it does right. A fun adventure worth taking.

Afro Samurai July Promo Trailer

Hot on the heels of FUNimations announcement about Afro Samurai: Resurrection we get this brand spanking new gameplay trailer for the Namco Bandai release of Afro Samurai. This game captures the look, style and feel of the anime, you feel just as badass as you'd expect, take a look.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dark Side of the Horse V

Been a long time coming, just like Episode I but without an Annie’s or Jar-Jar’s. Time again for anther Dark Side of the Horse where we take a look at the art, stories and flow of the comics that carry the Star Wars legacy. It’s time to enter the Star Wars Universe as seen by Dark Horse. Embrace your fear, embrace your hate and embrace some good reading.

Star Wars: Rebellion #12Star Wars: Rebellion #12 - Small Victories Part 2
Luke and Leia find themselves separated from the main alliance fleet with no hope of rescue from Admiral Ackbar as they are deep within an Imperial ship installation. Where some would see no hope Luke and Leia see opportunity, a chance to destroy a major factory for the Imperials and cripple their ship production. Problem is the Imperials know they are there and capture out well known Rebels. Deena Shan who just has the bad luck to be along for the ride finds herself tasked with completing the mission of sabotage thanks to Luke giving her a window of escape, one that eventually leads her face to face with Rishyk, a bad tempered Imperial who has not just capture in mind when he finds her. There is still hope but first Deena must survive her confrontation with Rishyk.

Small Victories is a good side-story with an interesting look into the life of a Star Wars B … C-Lister in Deena. The art is good but the action in this particular chapter is lacking. Really not too much more to add, I’ll hold out for some Vector tie-in’s with Rebellion, just not steam here.

Star Wars: Legacy #20Star Wars: Legacy #20
With Cade having escaped from Darth Krayt it’s time to take a look back at the current Alliance with some history on Admiral Gar Stazi. With the Alliance in need of a major victory Stazi takes it upon himself to steal the latest Advanced Star Destroy right from under the Siths nose. A plan is hatched Mon Calamari Gial Gahan decides to take the blame for losing the ship when blame goes down. As we learn more about the plot we get a glimpse back at the Battle f Caamas where a young, non-Admiral Stazi takes a bold stand against the Sith that sets in motion his unwanted rise to power. The plan begins only to find that the Imperials know and have set a trap. What is to come next?

Ok, I mentioned a C-Lister above in Deena, so I would put Stazi in as a B-Lister (hey, he’s an Admiral). Learning about his background sets the stage for the second part of this well drawn book. Sometimes we take for granted the rise to power of characters in the Star Wars universe (I do) so it’s nice to see an origin story that has a major effect on the present day settings. More on that in just a minute.

Star Wars: Legacy #21Star Wars: Legacy #21
The trap is sprung, but within a trap is yet another trap as Admiral Gar Stazi does indeed gain the Imperious while at the same time destroying a major dry-dock for the Imperials. Stazi turns the tide on Admiral Valan whose out for revenge on Stazi, but he messes up bad as he lets Stazi get the upper hand. As Stazi prepares to cover the tracks of his troops and sacrifice his life in the process Captain Jaius Yorub steps in to keep the Admiral alive. A major battle is gained for the Alliance, but at what price?

At first glance this seems like another victory for the Alliance with not too much fallout, but all is not what it seems. Continuing with the same art and story flow as the previous book Legacy #21 does not hint at the wrath to come. All seems well, until Legacy #22, which makes 20-21 very worth the purchase. Talk about setting the stage well.

Star Wars: Legacy #22Star Wars: Legacy #22
Do not betray the Sith, a lesson Darth Krayt teaches in spades to the Mon Calamari. The entire race, no matter their value as ship builders, is put on genocide notice starting with the public execution of Gial Gahan and every other Mon Calamari in attendance at the trial. The Sith are pure evil and the price Stazi and the galaxy pay is incredible, but strange alliances begin to form. Imperial Knights, not long friends of the Alliance find themselves serving the true emperor by aligning with Stazi as well as helping the Mon Calamari underground. Imperial Knight Treis Sinde allows Knight Sigel Dare and others to escape as he takes on Lord Azard then himself goes underground. The slaughter is on and it seems Krayt’s act of murder may just backfire.

Ah, now this is a story. Sad thing is the art in this book was off, just does not have that impact needed and seems very, well comic-ish. Not a ton of detail in a story that is really getting good. Cade is nowhere to be seen but when you get the Imperials in full motion and alliances forming with old Imperials and the Alliance, well it’s game on time, one game that is most def worth the read even with art that’s not on par with other Star wars books.

Star Wars: Dark Times #9Star Wars: Dark Times #9 - Parallels Part 4
Two stories, one of Bomo the other of a former Jedi. As he’s tortured Bomo Greenbark makes his escape and teams up with Crys to free the rest of their friends. As a result of Bomo and his groups actions Master K’Kruhk and his hidden padawans must face a crash landed foe looking for repair and some bounty. As both Bomo and K’Kruhk make plans to free their friends a story is set to come to an end.

Loose ends is what Dark Times is about. There is no hope, just sorrow at how far good people fall during the dark hours and years when the Empire establishers it’s rule Bomo finds he must embrace a side of himself while Master K’Kruhk does the same light-years away. Both beings must come to grips with their actions and realize that times will never be what they were, nor will they. With two different art styles, two styles that work very well, these tales of Dark Times gives insight into the Star Wars Universe no fan should pass on. There are not always happy endings and sometimes scars are not on the surface to be seen.

Star Wars: Dark Times #10Star Wars: Dark Times #10 - Parallels Part 5
Parallels ends, and it’s a bitter ending. Jedi Master K’Kruhk does what is required to save the young ones, but they will never look at him the same way again and Bomo unleashes a fury built up inside since the Clone Wars. Where once Bomo thought he was lost, always to be an outsider he is accepted by the crew of the Uhumele, to continue his journey and find some peace in his existence. K’Kruhk meanwhile must retreat into further isolation as he will never be seen in the same light as he once was. So are the Dark Times in the Star Wars universe.

An ending to a sad story. There was never going to be a good ending for Bomo, but it’s nice to see him find peace. This set of side-stories just gives the Star Wars Universe more life, more realism as it’s not all about the main characters in the movies; the war is bad and never ended for some. These books also had some of the best art I’ve seen in a Star Wars book even with the dual artist. Good story, worth the purchase when this hits as a collection.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #26Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #26 - Vector Part 2
Seems Zayne Carrick just can’t catch a break. Now he’s on a Mandalorian ship headed to Taris which just happens to be full of enemies and Pulsipher has the Sith talisman. The Mandalores are drafting outsiders into their army, an invasion fleet bound for Alderaan … and there’s a virus turning everyone into Rakghouls. Just another day for Zayne and Gryph.

First things first. The art in KOTOR is just, well interesting. It’s not bad, but there is something that just bugs me about it. Sometimes it works others not so much. The story is getting good as Vector picks up steam. Just how do the Jedi of the past touch the future? We are finding out and Zayne is a very likeable character to travel with. KOTOR is fast becoming one of my favorite series as it fleshes out the real history of the Star Wars movies we love.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #27Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #27 - Vector Part 3
As more and more Mandalorians are turned to Rakghouls its Zayne who risk his life to warn off planet foes of the danger and to try to prevent the invasion of to contain the virus. As he reveals his true nature it’s Celeste Morne who begins to doubt herself, her mission, as a servant of Lucien. The Muur Talisman is evil incarnate and as it makes a play to control Zayne it’s Celeste who steps in and is taken over, and thus gains control over the Rakghouls. Just what is this power and how does it tie all time together? That is what Vector is about, and what we will find out.

Yup, art again is hit and miss, but the story finally begins to tie the past to the future. There is a lot of action as Zayne is here and there, but it’s Celeste and her choice that makes me anticipate the next issue. Man, can Vector get any better … I’d say yes.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dragonball Z Burst Limit Xbox 360 Impression

Dragonball Z Burst Limit, the first next-gen entry in the long and excellent line of DBZ fighters is just a few androids short of perfection. The Dragonball Z franchise was and still is a huge part of the anime landscape, but with no new episodes there is only so much you can do with a game series. Burst Limit takes the formula seen on the PS2 and PSP and brings it dang near perfection. The graphics, the animation is just breathtakingly gorgeous. I found myself watching the intro movie over and over wanting to see more of the series remade in this format. The in-game action is equally as fast and furious with a bit of the prettiness lost as expected when you get into gameplay. The gameplay itself feels very familiar and can turn into a button-mash due to the fast-paced nature of gameplay, but this is also reflective of the anime. This game is all about timing and, both for blocks and counterattacks as well as when to use your buddies. There were times when gameplay felt cheap, getting hit when I knew there was a block up, but again nothing new for this franchise of games. The gameplay styles, features, are what you expect with nothing new added in, just improvements on the old formulas. You’ve got your versus mode, edited down story mode, tutorial (handy for some of the lesser known, weaker characters) as well as Trial Survival, Time Attack and Battle Point modes. The online play is fun for a few hours but only the hard-core fans need apply.

So far what we’ve got is a great looking, sounding anime based game with a nice set of modes to play and good, not great, controls. Is it enough? For fans, yes and no, for non-fans, no. The latter first. Non-fans will not find much to like about Burst Limit as the franchise hit its peak a few years ago and with limit runs on TV now that casual curiosity is not there, you are either into DBZ or you are not at this point. Naruto for example has that buzz, pop-culture appeal that DBZ had just a few years ago. For fans of the series I say this game is a must since it’s the first next-gen DBZ title and I think the days of way too many Goku and gang adventures is behind us. This title serves up what we love about DBZ on consoles and I love it … with one gripe. The Cell Games, you’re telling me I only get to go up to the Cell Games??? Hey, I know I’m still playing the game and there is more to unlock but no Buu, no GT, no Movie characters, this is killing me. Budokai Tenkaichi 3 had me hook line and sinker when I could control Brolly among others. I know, I know this means more games to come, but if you’re going to give us chapters how about knocking down the price, or better yet hook up some more downloadable content.

All in all, a good game that fans of the series must have. The story is true nostalgia with high-level explanations of what’s going on, confusing for newbie’s, just right for long time fans. I recommend Burst Limit, especially with the newly re-released DVD sets. Rediscover what made Dragonball Z so magical. Fans of the series will also digg these trailers.