Monday, December 15, 2008

HunterxHunter Vol. 21 & 22 Impression

Training time is over for Gon and Killua and now it’s time to get involved in the hunt in HunterxHunter volumes 21 and volume 22 from Viz. With the queen dead and the newborn, very mature, Chimera Ant King born all the former servants have begun to spread into human civilizations looking to claim their own stake in the world and Hunters are the only hope for stopping them. The king is on the move and soon Gon and Killua will be also.

Hunter x Hunter volume 21Hunter x Hunter volume 21
The king if born, and a violent birth it is. Colt, one of the queen’s servants, seeks the help of the Hunters to try to save the queen’s life, but she passes pleased to have birthed such a fine king. Meanwhile the king shows his brutality by killing those who displease him and formulates a plan to Nen-baptize the population, meaning gather them all in one place and farm out the strongest Nen capable then, well eat them to gain their power. Taking control, thanks to the crazy Neferpitou, of a neighboring countries dictator allows the king to gather all the population for his plan, one the hunters must stop or the already insanely powerful king will be unstoppable.

Is it just me or does this seem like Cell the second? The look, feel, absorption, coloring … all very similar to DBZ’s Cell, and near as cool too. First, art, solid, story, getting really good. I’ve touched on the king’s story above which sets the stage for future conflicts, but not touched on is Gon and Killua’s desire to help a (not dead) Kite being controlled by Neferpitou as well as the spread of the Chimera ants with the queens death. Gon and Killua wrap their training and are ready to get into the fight, through their own methods of non-direct confrontation but before that Gon goes on a funny date with Palm, the talk about cougars alone is outstanding, very funny to those in the know. So story is ramping up and there is still much training for Gon and Killua to do, heck they are going to have issues with the generals. Nice to see a story where the main character takes a back seat to much more powerful allies and foes.

Hunter x Hunter volume 22Hunter x Hunter volume 22
Ants spread, the Spiders surface to defend Meteor City. The locally established ants find more than they bargained for as the Spiders show up and squash these ants in some quick and brutal fights. Gon and Killua begin their campaign in the Republic of East Gorteau where the population is slowly disappearing. Killua uses his speed to warn towns while avoiding the ants while Gon gets in bit of trouble with a bat and owl and which push him to his limits.

The story continues as the king does his thing and Gon and Killua get into action. Not much more to add to this volume as it packs in the action and moves the story along but since the stage we really set in volume 21, this one just moves it along, good part of this Chimera King story arc. Overall volume 21 really sets the stage for the next phase of battles, 22 carry it on (just said that) and 23 … well that’s for next time. Fans of HunterxHunter, jump on in, all others not a bad point to join in, good background at the beginning of issue 21, but start there, if not you will be really lost.


  1. Do u happen to know when this series will start up again?

  2. Killua is like so ... sexy!!! I haven't read the manga, but I'm starting to watch the anime. I'm also making Killua a shrine in my room, that hottie ^-^. But before I go through all that trouble can you tell me if Killua's single in the anime? Cuz I hate competion!!!
    - killua's obsesser