Monday, November 3, 2008

Blood + DVD vol. 3 Impression

Saya’s journey continues as she encounters the Cinq Fleches Group CEO Solomon Goldsmith at the schools ball. Just who is this mysterious new suitor, what are his ties to the phantom and the school Lycee du Cinq Fleche? Before the ball is over David encounters the phantom deep under the school where Saya does battle and is captured on film by Ryukyu Daily report Akihiro Okamura. As the battle concludes with only more questions to be answered, like what the phantom means by confronting Saya when she has her full memory, the group moves to a small village within Vietnam with a history. Saya remembers this village; a bloody memory which soon appears to be due to the fact the village is a breeding ground for Chiropterans. As a Red Shield strike force moves in Chiropteran children appear and a fight ensues which sees Saya revert to her old self and attack friend and foe alike.

Another battle, more questions and a new path to take, but before that a brief visit back to Okinawa, to pay respects to George, deliver a memento and spend one last care-free day with friends on the beach. As the journey continues more secrets will be revealed and Saya will come closer to her past.

These five episodes on volume 3 of Blood + continue what is already a very engaging journey. The story at the school concludes with a future battle against the phantom to come, the past comes to life as creepy little chiopterans attack in the village of Saya past and there is a break before the next stage of the journey. The story is excellent with great pacing, action and character development. Even with all they mysteries revealed there is so much more to discover, such as who is Red Shield really, what’s up with Solomon and his associates, where did the phantom get to after his fight with Saya … so much to discover that even three disc in viewers will feel like they are just getting started.

Blood + established in volume 1 that it’s design, animation and story are all top notch and into volume 3 there is nothing, nothing to prove otherwise. Blood + is a keeper, from a non-traditional anime distributer in Sony.

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