Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Naruto Uncut Boxset Vol 8 Impression

Naruto Uncut Box Set 8
An epic battle, beginning of the end all in Naruto Uncut Box Set 8. The search for the Fifth Hokage comes to a stunning conclusion as both Jiraiya and Orochimaru wait on Tsunade for an answer, a wait that sparks a legendary confrontation between the three Sannin and their summoned allies. Naruto’s near-death battle with the superior Kabuto snaps Tsunade back to reality and allows her to become what she is destined to become, the Fifth Hokage, meanwhile Orochimaru sees the power in Naruto and tries to destroy it himself. As blows are traded and the battle is determined everyone leaves with their bruises and the fight will continue another day. Tsunade proceeds back to the Village Hidden in the Leaves with a reminder of her gambling past as some hot springs then proceeds to step into her new role and heal Kakashi, Sasuke and forces Rock Lee to face his life outside the ninja elite.

Next up, all healed the team unmask Kakashi … or do they, and a new mission is undertaken to escort Idate from the Land of Tea in a race to determine land rulers, a race that is fraught with peril and revelations of a ninja who long since abandoned his village, one who learns to trust in others again, something Naruto has a knack for.

This box set is excellent as it concludes the search for Tsunade, contains one epic battle and sows the seeds to what is to come with Sasuke. A very worthy box set that has plenty of fun, transition episodes from one story arc to the next and really sets the stage for the future. The voice work is excellent, nuff said there and the animation is top notch for a TV series. The story and flow is where this box set really excels as the Sannin battle is fast and furious without going too long, giving just enough insight into the past of Tsunade and why she snaps and then snaps back. Orochimaru now has an interest in our 9-tailed hero and a new type of ninja is born, medical, you’ll see. The in-between episodes are fun from unmasking Kakashi to Konohamaru dealing with what the Hokage really is, stands for. The escort mission of Idate may seem like filler at first, but the battle where Naruto succeeds and Sasuke fails only sets the stage for what is to come in box set 9 and 10 … but that’s a story for another review.

For long running series like Naruto buying individual DVD’s is impractical. These box sets are the way to go, a trend seen with re-release of Dragon Ball Z, Bleach and other series. Less shelf space, more products, everyone wins in these trying times.

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  1. im looking at download naruto uncut and it sais naruto uncut box set VOLUME (whatever), now does that mean that these are box sets or a seperate dvd from the box set,