Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I say Halo to Xbox 360

Sony Fanboy, yeah that pretty much describes me, or it used to. I waited in line for 15 hours to get a PlayStation 2, and bought the first PlayStation 3 I could get my hands on, 20gig version, and never looked back. Then, months later comes news of price drop, discontinuation of the 20gig version, and the introduction of an 80gig model. I was pissed. Here I am, an early adopter getting burned by Sony (thought not as bad as you iPhone folks) and getting cheezed off that Sony is more interested in rewarding newbie’s and not the loyalist like myself. I’m in Sony’s back pocket, their deals are not meant for me, they are for the ‘on the fence’ crowd, those they want to get into Sony nation.

And now I understand it from the other side. Turn-around is indeed fair play.

I say Halo to Microsoft and the Xbox 360 Halo Edition. Yes, as much as I’ve supported Sony (and will continue to do so) I am now an official 360 owner thanks to Master Chief and a special Halo edition of the 360 all my buddies are jealous about. See, these guys are early adopters for Microsoft in the same manner I was for Sony. Where I was pissed at Sony for price-drops and what I perceived as a lack of loyalty to the most loyal of customers, I am now enamored with Microsoft and my new green 360 with HDMI, headset, rechargeable controller … oh its sooooooooo nice! It’s interesting when you see the other side of an argument. The grass it not greener, just seems that way.

I’m very pleased with my 360 experience so far,and it’s pretty much consisted of my new green machine and a copy of Halo 3 (and Blue Dragon, love me some RPG action). First, now that I’ve had time with the Xbox 360 I am impressed. Putting it side-by-side with the PS3 I really don’t see too many differences. The 360 has a few great games, mostly first-party, and it really puts out a nice picture in HD. I’m not even going to attempt to get into tech specs, but for the first time I am renting, comparing games that appear on both systems to see who is putting out the better product, graphics wise that is. So far it’s a wash since the premier games on each system are exclusive, and both look great. I am bummed that there is no HDDVD player built in, to compete with the Blu-Ray, but that’s the price difference. The controller is great, really comfortable and wins out over Sony due to one thing, rumble. The recharge kit is a must have and comes with the Halo edition. I’ve heard how loud 360 can be, but no issues so far. All in all the Xbox 360 has been a good system for me, as has the PS3. It’s a tossup on which one is better. While I’m a gamer, I’m not a mega level 100 geek that notices minor pixel differences. I’m a gamer that’s looking for a fun and engaging gaming experience and right now both systems are giving me that. At this point it’s all about the games.

Speaking of games I’m playing Halo 3. Beautiful, nuff said. The gameplay is solid, to be expected of this much hyped series, and the controls are very comfortable. The story is what draws me to Halo 3, not the online play. See, I’m not too big an online gamer, but I just love a good story, and Halo 3 delivers, not just in the game but also the comics, novels … even the action figures. There is a lot to love about this franchise as testament to my buying a 360 due to this game. Now that’s a good game, one that sells a $400 system. Well, that’s my rant. I know I’ve been all over the place on this post. I really wanted to write all good and proper on my new system then review how good Halo 3 is and whatnot, but damn if I just didn’t feel like going off. Rants are good, and so is Xbox 360.

Hmmmm, I wonder if I was wrong about other things? Could the Yankees and Cowboys really not be as evil and putrid as I always thought? Nah, they both still suck.

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