Monday, October 27, 2008

Claymore DVD Vol. 1 Impression

Claymore DVD Volume 1
Yoma, inhuman monsters who prey on humans and once were human themselves. They can assume the form, memories and traits of anyone they consume. Claymore, part human, part Yoma. These women have consumed the flesh of Yoma to obtain the power and strength to sense and kill the monsters they are slowly becoming. Clare is one such Claymore, named for the swords they carry and as the story picks up Clare is on the hunt for a hidden Yoma. As the sliver eyed witch enters the village all stare at her in awe and fear except for one boy whose life will never be the same.

Claymore volume 1 from FUNimation follows the tale of Clare, one of many Claymore, hunters of Yoma. We see her hunt and destroy a Yoma, but also show a compassion to a young boy, Raki, that is very uncommon for the emotionless hunters. As Raki follows Clare her past begins to be revealed as she once in Raki’s shoes, orphaned because of a Yoma. Raki’s family was devoured by a Yoma, who assumed the role of his brother. As Clare leaves his village Raki is cast out for fear he too is a Yoma. Clare assumes the role that Teresa of the Faint Smile assumed with her. A reluctant protector and eventual mentor. As the story goes viewers learn more about the organization that runs the Claymores, sends them on their missions and collects the money from each job.

Clarymore is a tough anime to write about. Why? Because I’ve read so much of the manga and am very, very familiar with the story. I was very interested to see how the anime turned out. Very pleased I must say. The story follows very close to the source material utilizing Clare, her meeting with Raki as well as the beginnings of her back story (to be continued in volume 2). No major changes to what Yoma or Claymore are, back stories are in place and it’s pleasing to a fan of the manga. The art style translates very well into the animated form and the action pops off the screen as it danced in many a readers head as they turned the manga pages. The voice acting is solid with Clare especially good showing some emotion, but hidden under a stoic persona.

What Claymore volume 1 does very well is introduce noobs to story and settings, introduces an ample amount of info from characters to monsters to background to make you want to come back for more, but not feeling like you’ve been jipped. The question I have is how will the story progress, knowing what I do about the manga, will it continue beyond six volumes or wrap up sooner than expected. Ah, that is the lure of this series. A must have for fans of the manga and nice addition to any fan of action anime with a fantasy setting.

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