Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aquarion Season 1 DVD Box Set 2 Impression

Aquarion Volume 2 DVD Boxset
Question answered, past lives revealed, enemies unite and lost allies rise in the second volume of Aquarion from FUNimation. After over 12,000 years will the past repeat itself or will a new destiny be forged for Shadow Angel and mankind alike? As Apollo, Sirius, Silvia and the other vector pilots continue from one confrontation to another they are faced with not only physical encounters but mental challenges just as, if not more dangerous. The dangers of merging come to light as Pierre becomes addicted, and is almost destroyed and Sirius is lured to the other side. The girls decide to diet only to see the earth’s food supply ravaged and all the pilots enjoy some cross-dressing to better understand each other. Aquarion itself also faces its own battles as its Aquarion vs. Aquarion and a biting battle with a vampire.

All these encounters lead to one fateful capture as the only Shadow Angel child is isolated and captured by the planets government, is experimented on and finally ‘harvested’ himself allowing for the creation of single pilots who can control three vectors at once, a mixture of both races who are unleashed en-mass on Atlandia in one final battle where Sirius, Toma and Apollo must decide to doom the world, or unite and save it. This final decision is … well it’s for you to see, and not for me to tell.

This second collection of Aquarion, the final fifteen episodes, is more of the same and a very satisfying ending. The animation is really good, not movie quality good, but above 50+ episode series good and the voice acting is sufficient with each character acting like they should, meaning their personality types. There are attempts to go outside these norms, Pierre with his addiction and one single romance, but overall this series is about the Shadow Angels vs. Mankind. The single-episode stories from Pierre’s addition to the vampire, food shortage build a bond with the characters, but it’s not until Sirius betrayal that the show gets darker and much more interesting. The vectors are no longer whole and everyone must come to grips that they may lose this battle. When the new Vectors appear and the source of their power is revealed the series really gets good as its epic, final battle time, and truth be told I did not see the twist coming at the end. I’d really like to mention them, but I just can’t ruin this series. I left wanting more, and that is one of the best compliments I can give a series.

Here’s the deal. If you purchased Aquarion volume 1, then you must get this second set. If you are on the fence about getting Aquarion I am very confident in giving the thumbs up as it delivers great action, humor and interesting characters with all the giant robot merging action you need … if you can get over some unanswered questions, mainly about origin. I’ll be thinking about Aquarion for a long time to come, not because it’s a legendary anime, but because it did so many things right to stick with me.


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