Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweet Gaming Swag

Is it wrong to buy a game just for the swag? That is the quesiton I'm asking myself about three Atlus and one Namco Bandai title. Each of these titles hooks you up a manner only the Japanese see on a regular basis, but which American gamers are getting more and more. Usually with triple-a titles like Halo or Madden this trend is also hitting some niche titles. Ok, so Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is a triple-a title the other three on this list are not. Namco Bandai is not know for special editions, but what they are doing with Naruto is so money. The colectors tin showing off the ultimate battle faces, the trading cards, bonus disc and screen is a fans dream and one I do not want to wake up from (finally, hot swag for a hot anime title). There there is Atlus filling the void Working Designs left and that NIS often fills in with music CD's. I don't know much about Eternal Poison but I do know the art is hot and it comes with the soundtrack. Character cards, also money. I passed on the first Luminous Arc, mainly due to Square Enix games in my DS, but I'll not pass on Luminous Arc 2 thanks in large part to the addictive art book and bonus music CD. The ultimate collection for me, on par with Naruto ... that would be Persona 4. Bonus DVD, art cards and soundtrack. The reason I got Persona 3 besides the game itself was the bonus content. I still have Lunar I and II special editions and any time I can get free swag I usually make a pre-order. These four games will be part of my collection as will their music, bonus content and other swag. I waited years for anime here in the states, got it, now I finally get my sweet, sweet swag!

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