Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Spectacular Spider-Man: Attack of the Lizard! DVD Impression

Spider-Man DVD Cover

Peter Parker, just your average high-school nerd. All brains, no brawn and picked on by jocks … until a radioactive spider bites him, gives him powers, a new outlook and cool new identity as The Spectacular Spider-Man, which so happens to be the name on the DVD box. With clips pulled from the new KidsWB show of the same name the DVD release of The Spectacular Spider-Man: Attack of the Lizard is a treat for Spidey fans new and old.

Skipping ahead to Parker already having his powers the story follows encounters with three major villains and does an excellent job of telling their creation, origin for Parker and the basics of the franchise. It definitely assumes anyone watching will know the finer story points, history of the franchise, so the angle it takes works really well. We have the creation of Electro, Vulture seeking revenge against Osborn and Dr. Connors transformation into the Lizard. Each story is tied to each other and for a clip-show it works very well. If you want more meat, tune into KidsWB for the much more fleshed out action, but if you are like me this DVD is perfect and a great distraction, very, very enjoyable.

The animation reminds me of Ben 10, simple yet holding a level of detail that really allows the action to flow. The transformation of the Lizard and his feral look will leave many a young audience double-checking under their bed. Bright colors and simple settings pulled from the Big Apple help this show come to life for fans of the series and everything feels very intimate and familiar for series fans. Voice work is also a notch above most kiddy shows, a nice plus.

With Stan Lee as the Executive Producer you know the story will be accurate, which it is. The animation is nice, not on par with Justice League or Batman, but very nice. Voice acting is solid and the return to a younger Spidey, 16 years old, is refreshing. Fans of Spider-Man should give this movie a spin, even if you don’t like the new series. It’s a good combination of action and story that works really well and does not feel pieced together. Good stuff indeed.

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  1. Not as good as the John Semper years on FOX, but Spectacular is a good enough alternative. Thumbs up.