Friday, September 26, 2008

Persona 4 Character Images

The heroes of Persona 4 have as much style as Persona 3 (duh, same designer). I purchased Persona 3 for two reasons, the music and character design, yup no gameplay worried about here even if it was solid. So now we meet our main heroes from the small town of Inaba as they unravel the mysterious murders plauging their town. Just who do we have here ... Altus tells us in it's official press release ...

Persona 4 Protagonist
Protagonist - The main character of Persona 4. He recently moved to the countryside to live with his uncle and cousin. After awakening to his potential as a Persona user, he opens the door to a mysterious world.

Persona 4 Chie Satonaka
Chie Satonaka - A classmate of the Protagonist’s who was born and raised in Inaba. She is a cheerful, energetic girl, but what dark burden does she bear within herself? And what could her talents as a Persona-user be?

Persona 4 Yosuke Hanamura
Yosuke Hanamura - The Protagonist’s classmate at Yasogami High School. He has an amicable personality and is adept at reading social situations. He, too, awakens as a Persona user, but what triggers his awakening?

Persona 4 Yukiko Amaga
Yukiko Amaga - Yukiko’s days are occupied with helping her family run the historic Amagi Inn. She joins the group of Persona users, but how is she involved in the murder case?

Persona 4 Teddie
Teddie - A mysterious creature that the Protagonist and his friends encounter inside the TV. It seems to have some power in the other world, but is it friend or foe?

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