Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Three Sanin Images

I'm in the process of watching the particular box set where the three Sanin face off (more on that later) so seeing these newish images for Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm just get me more and more fired up to play some next-gen PS3 Naruto. While I'm on the subject the uncut box sets are so money, no commercials, and watching the manga episodes (not filler stuff folks), it's just glorious. I'm a guy who could watch DBZ over and over (still do) and Naruto is the same for me. I always had a feeling that anime would be recreated perfectly one day from DBZ titles to .hack// and now Naruto with Ultimate Ninja Storm and Rise of a Ninja ... these games just keep getting better and better and oh so close to the source material.

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