Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bleach DVD vol. 11 Impression

New battles and new revelations erupt in Bleach volume 11 from Viz. Uryu defends Orihime as he faces off with Squad 12 Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the same captain who experimented on and killed many an quincy, including Uryu’s grandfather. Ultimate power is unleashed and the battle comes to an end, but not to the liking of Uryu. Meanwhile Yoruichi reveals her true form and former standing in the Soul Society and steals away Ichigo to a very familiar looking training ground to confrong his Zan-pak-to and unleash his Bankai in only a few days. The training begins and countdown begins to new power and new levels of descrution.

Ah, the training DVD, sort of. Learning that our favorite little kitty is in fact one attractive former captain is neat, and that she has some pretty aggressive training for our main hero it’s the revelations about Mayuri and what he did to Uryu and the Quincy clan that sets this DVD up as money in the bank. The action mixed with revelations of the past meshes so well with neither dragging on too long as seen in other anime. I’ve said this with Bleach before, the pacing is excellent and the story does not feel old or tired. Viewers want more, I want more, I want two ... no three of these DVD’s at once. Yeah, I know I won’t get it, so I’ll sit back, wait, watch a few more times and get ready to touch on new battles and revelations in the future while waiting for more, a wait that is well worth it. Wish there was more to add, but the excellent charcter designs overlay an action packed, and sometimes deep story mixed with excellent voice acting perfect from character to character. Viz has a winner only overshadowed (a weeee bit) by Naruto.

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