Tuesday, August 26, 2008

xxxHolic vol. 3 Impression

From the twisted meaning of a pinky promise to the innocence of a fox sprits, volume 3 of xxxHolic from FUNimation continues the strange journey Watanuki is on. As he continues to work, cook and clean for Yuko, Watanuki encounters new and ever more bizarre and different people, sprits and experiences. A young lady encounters karma when she lightly uses pinky promises while a chance encounter with some fox spirits leads to tasty treats. What is a boy to do when a spirit has a crush on him and a house haunts him … well keep working for Yuko is what cause it’s all in a day’s work.

Holic continues to deliver clever story telling wrapped in a package of unique animation you will either love or … you’re going to love it. This is not an action anime, not a shonen title, but it does deliver thrills and storytelling I’ve only enjoyed on a level with Mushi-Shi. The animation keeps focus on the main characters, with grayed out background content. From the plain black school uniforms to the intricate festival garb Clamp’s flavor is here to soak in. Watanuki is as annoying as ever and Yuko, both lax and sensual all at the same time. The stories are each excellent in themselves, stand alone very well, but tie together seamlessly. A pinky promise to multiple boyfriends backfires on one unlucky client leading to a not-so-nice run in with all said boyfriends. A fox spirit and his son are aided by Watanuki, and a shadow bird saved on an evil night while the spirits, or I should say on particular cute spirit, crushes on our ‘hero’ with him totally oblivious. Finally a summer beach escape is wrapped in a haunted house, but hey isn’t that the norm now?

Each volume of Holic delivers and builds on this format, unique animation and characters combined with unique storytelling. The package is great, not the best anime on the market but the best at what it is. Anime fans looking for a series to relax too, to sit back and absorb need to take xxxHolic for a spin, trust me it’s worth the bones.

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