Monday, August 4, 2008

Ragnarok the Animation vol. 3 Impression

Like any good adventure and ending must occur. Roan and his group of adventures all encounter their own inner demons and as they battle through their doubts and challenges the final showdown with the Dark Lord grows closer. Roan and Yufa take on new job classes but as with any growth things don’t go smoothly. Who is it Roan truly means to protect and will Yufa ever put her brother behind her and move on with her true love? As our heroes come to grips with their destiny, will it be in time or has the Dark Lord already won? In the final volume of Ragnarok it’s Student vs. Teacher, Child vs. Half-demon and Best Friend vs. Best Friend. Things are always darkest before the dawn.

Sounds like a back of the box description, but as with most final volumes I don’t want to spoil too much, well until I chat about it here. The third and final volume of Ragnarok from FUNimation follows the expected paths of doubt and change seen in many RPG. Our party goes separate ways only to end at the same destination both stronger and more sure of themselves. The animation is decent, but when you compare it to the art of the online Ragnarok it’s a bit lacking, kinda like comparing Record of Lodoss War to Chronicles of a Heroic Knight. The story is again standard but fun, very reminiscent of The Slayers but it really has nothing to do with Ragnarok. The manga hits on all cylinders but the anime is a beast of it’s own. So the final eight episodes don’t leave any loose ends. The story reaches a satisfying climax as Roan realizes who he loves, who he is meant to protect while Yufa does the same. Takius takes on her former teacher and saves him to some extent while Maya confronts the killer of Alice, showing her demons and humans can exist together. Iruga finishes what he must with his former best friends and things get kinda sad, but not too much so. The final battle and conflict resolution is good, and the hidden players, other gods, involved who make themselves known is a nice twist, one that would have been great earlier in the series.

At the end of the day Ragnarok the Animation volume 3 wraps up a good fantasy anime, a great bargain in three collections. The animation and story break no molds, but will satisfy any fantasy anime fans. Fans of Ragnarok will get a kick out of familiar settings and characters classes but not much more. If you liked Lodoss, Slayers or have been a fan of old-school role-playing games you will like Ragnarok for everything it does right. A fun adventure worth taking.

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