Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blood+ vol. 2 Impression

Tragedy strikes in volume 2 of Blood+. As Saya, David and Haji rush to rescue George a truth about the government is revealed. Chiropterans are being manufactured by the military and the virus used has been given to George. As the virus takes affect George fights for control and please with Saya to continue on, to learn about herself and keep Riku and Kai safe. In his final act of humanity George pleads with Saya for her blood, so he can die as he is before being completely transformed. A tough decision Saya makes, and a sad time as their journey must begin with such a loss. The journey, to a private boarding school in Vietnam, Lycee du Cinq Fleche, which seems to be where the virus is coming from in wine shipments. In order to try to protect Riku and Kai, David sends them on their way with all the money they need to live, as long as they don’t pursue Saya, which of course they do. Saya is told the boys are safe so she will concentrate on her mission at the school, a school with a phantom that leaves blue roses. The blue roses, the school settings, the phantom, all seem to bring up memories for Saya, and a battle with the phantom confirms this as he insist he wants Saya to remember before he kills her. There is more to be revealed about the past and it all ties to the blue rose.

Volume 2 of Blood+ picks up the action and keeps it going. The animation is again better than I thought it would be. Not saying it should be bad, or would be bad, I just did not expect it to be as crisp and smooth as it is. The action if fast paced, and just over the top enough without being absurd. What is interesting in this volume is the story really does not feature too many fights with Chiropterans, but rather hints at the past. The death of George was sad, and very sudden. Did he really need to die, not sure of the reason for his death, hell the manga kept him alive. The mystery is what keeps this anime rock solid. What happened all those years ago to Saya in Vietnam, who is the Red Shield, what’s the deal with the blue roses and the phantom? So many questions that all get answered in their own time, not too fast or slow but just right. A bond is formed with each character as they are developed at a nice pace, with proper background revealed at proper times. The time between volumes is killing me, but for an anime this fine I can wait. With so much going on in the anime world, companies folding or dropping out, it’s nice to see Sony step in with a very fine anime, delivery and packaging method. Blood+ is a fine addition to your Goth, vampire anime library and if you want to go volume by volume or get all of season one it’s nice to have the option.

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