Friday, July 25, 2008

xxxHolic vol. 2 Impression

Life for Watanuki just keeps getting stranger and stranger in xxxHolic volume 2 from FUNimation. As he continues his servitude to the witch Yuko our reluctant hero, if you can call him that, faces a world filled with greed, lies, manipulation and shattered promises. Not all spirits are of the haunting type, some are friendly Fox sprits that cook a mean meal while others are just looking for a helping hand. The land is alive and there are water spirits to deal with in the latest edition of xxxHolic.

This has to be one of the shortest, vaguest recounts I’ve written, with good reason. xxxHolic is one of those rare anime where each story stands so well on its own, much in the same manner as Mushi-Shi. There is not set destination just an interesting journey to accompany Watanuki on. The stories in volume 2 expand the cast of characters and deepens reluctant bonds among friends and rivals. Those that need help must want help as a computer addicted mother learns while a monkey paw comes with a price for another young lady. Not everyone needing help is alive as a hydrangea experience teaches Watanuki. The arty style is unique, pure Clamp goodness with long arms, legs, bodies and a simplicity that enhances the story and emotion. Indeed it is the story that drives this anime and makes it special. Each story, tasty to say the least. If you liked Mushi-Shi then this xxxHolic is for you.

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