Monday, July 14, 2008

LEGO Batman New Video Game Trailer

First there was LEGO Star Wars, then LEGO Star Wars II followed up by LEGO Indiana Jones and now LEGO Batman. The first Star Wars was received ok, seen more as a kids game for the 'other' Star Wars movies, then game part II with the original trilogy ... pure gold and appeal to an older audience. Next up a decent offering with Indy, but Batman, oh this is looking nice. No it's not a Lucas property and yes it's using the same engine, the 'god this feels familiar' gameplay setup, but it's fresh due to being set in the rich Batman universe. The Star Wars games had such a great cast of characters to pick from, to unlock, and this is where the Indy game hurt a bit as most characters don't stick in gamers heads. Batman on the other hand is full of know characters, it's going to be sweet and hopefully set the stage for add-ons or other characters to have their own LEGO games. Here's to wishing, to wishing for more super heroes and of course a lower price point if all we are doing is skinning the same game over and over. Good times, enjoy the trailer.

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  1. Just watched the vid. Looks like an interesting game, even though I never really cared for that LEGO series...