Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Final Fantasy IV Trading Arts Mini Set Impression

Later this month gamers will get a nice treat, the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV, in full 3D. To help celebrate and feed the true fan-boy lust in each of us Square Enix homers you’ll soon be able to purchase a few FFIV characters of your very own. That’s right; we are getting a set of Trading Arts Mini’s for Final Fantasy IV, a set that includes Cecil, Rosa, Cain, Edge and the tiny Rydia. How’s the detail you ask … lets see …

Cecil – Noble and menacing all at the same time (bad guys have white hair right?). Cecil is armoured and colored in shades of blue that fad and dither nicely with an intense look of determination highlighting his serious posture, clenched fist and highly detailed cape and clothing. A fine piece of work for something so small.

Rosa – What would a trading arts set be without a lovely lady, nothing I say, just nothing. Rosa will delight any fan with innocent look, green eyes, flowing blond hair twisting in the not-there wind along with her pink and purple cape. Her green cross pendant stands out on her yellow harem-ish outfit with a pink bandanna and purple crown atop her head. She is the picture of elegance with a bit of shazam thrown in for any desktop.

Cain – If Rosa is the tranquillity of the set then Cain is the rage. Menacing blue and black armour is adorned with a long spear and soulless dragon helm. There is not soul in this figure, just a menacing solider ready to dispense with anyone in the way.

Edge – Not that far off from Cain, Edge also has a major … well edge to his stance and look. The green eyes relay a man deep in thought about his next action with a flowing cape and very colourful belt. Edge screams action but in a smooth and masterful way that is not overly complex.

Rydia – The other trading arts sets have four figures, this one has a bonus with the tiny Rydia included. She is half the size of other figures, by far the cutest and most innocent with colourful greens, purple, blues, reds and oranges mixed into an outfit any rainbow would be proud of. Her hair and hip sash flow in the wind as she stands on the precipice of adventure. A classic end to a great set of figures.

Overall the set is solid and fans will dig this title specific collection that gives a taste of the characters in all their 3D glory. A treat and a great price point. Keep an eye out, they’ll be hitting online soon for ordering.

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