Wednesday, July 23, 2008

D.Gray-Man volume 9 Impression

Allen’s recovery progresses and the team continue on to Japan in their search for General Cross. The Earl has gathered his forces in Edo, his stronghold, in order to move the Ark, one of the greatest Biblical artifacts and key to the Earl’s plans. All the Noah’s are in attendance and each gets a history lesson on the Ark and of betrayal in the past, which all seems to tie to Cross and those who he’s come in contact with during his travels, such as Allen. The team begins to battle with the Earl and Noah’s but still no sign of Cross yet. Meanwhile Allen comes under attack from a powerful Akuma in the Asian Branch. Those around him protect even at their own injury, but as he steps up and begins to vanish Allen comes into his own, fully realizing his power and becoming one with his innocence. The doubts of the past, the injuries and questions all seem to come together as Allen is now complete. He readies himself for a trip aboard the Ark, which the defeated Akuma so happened to just leave, and his arrival will be none-too-soon as the battle with the Earl begins.

Volume 9 of D.Gray-Man from Viz begins to hit a nice stride. I’ve said before that this manga is excellent in the art department and character design, but the story can sometimes get confusing, which is odd for a manga where there is more room to flesh out story. Well the Earl explaining the Ark and a bit about Cross and Allen’s revelation about his Innocence begins to tie it all together in a nice way. The battles are getting fast and furious, and there is so much more to come as we’ve not even seen Cross, or any generals, in action yet. Plus we just saw for the first time the truly evil, mad, face of the Earl. I’m really interested to see how this action translates into the anime realm, and we will see that soon. Nine volumes in and there is not too much more I can say about the art and character design, now it’s all about story and we are picking up speed. Story coming together and fights are fast and furious, nice.

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