Sunday, June 29, 2008

Witchblade DVD vol. 6 Impression

Volume 6 of Witchblade packs an emotional punch most anime rarely approach when wrapping up the proceedings. Masane is becoming weaker and weaker as the Witchblade takes its toll on her body. She continues to live her life even as it begins to slip away, first the sense of taste, soon her life. Takayama takes back his position from Wado just in time for thousands of I-Weapons to go rogue. As the I-Weapons come ashore it’s time for all hell to break loose. Maria, Aoi and Asagi all confront Masane, the results of which won’t surprise. Rie Nishida comes to a classic ending, under tread, while Masane embraces her final fate high atop Tokyo Tower. Her very essence disappears as she unleashes one last wave of power to take care of every remaining I-Weapon. While she departs this world she ensures that Rihoko and Takayama are united.

Saving the best for last. Marc Silvestri pens the cover art of volume six which is just sweet looking and really bridges the gap from Top Cow to FUNimation. The story really evolves as this went from a very sensual Witchblade fighting twisted I-Weapons to a very sensual Witchblade fighting twisted I-Weapons for a reason with emotional attachments. The fate of the Witchblade is sealed a volume earlier so you are not surprised, but you will be sad. The reuniting of Rihoko and Takayama leaves a warm fuzzy in you, but having her mother disappear proves this is a good anime. Why? Because you care, you are sad to see this ending, but also you will feel some satisfaction. The action, the animation is fast, furious and the best of the series. When the journey began who knew what to expect. An anime take on a great American comic series, who knew it would work this well. It could have been all about T&A, but something good happened, a real story with good characters developed. I’m sad to see this story end, but when it comes to the Witchblade is the story every truly over?

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