Thursday, June 12, 2008

Virgin Comics Recap

Impressions for The Megas #2, The Stranded #2, Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #2

When last I spoke about Virgin Comics it was my first exposure to the brand. What I found still delights me as these are unique books with varied creative teams from TV and Movies. I started with The Megas, The Stranded and Shadow Hunter. I’ve received a few more books which I’ll touch on later, but for now I wanted to recap volume two of the three books I mention above. Yes, I say books, but they are comic books, and good ones at that. So here we go ..

The Megas #2
Jack Madison continues his investigation into the murder of Ellington Boureaux at a Dupont Circle brothel. As he digs further things begin not to add up. Ellington had a spotless record, not vices other than this one, no reason to kill himself let alone three girls. One of the girls, Melody Davis, was Ellington’s favorite, and one he seemed to have a true place in his heart for. She is also a girl not into the group thing, so why is she killed along two others? Just part of the mystery, a mystery that also includes Jack’s own little secrets. He’s being watched but which secret will come out first, his relationship with Mega princess Julianne or his reliance on drugs to relax? The mystery deepens and new players are introduced, just what Jack needed and readers want.

As I touched on with Megas #1 the art is passable, pretty sub-par so what shines with the Megas is the story. Issue 2 continues to weave a world where class is defined by the color of hair and where you are born. The mystery group watching Jack intrigues as you just know he’s going to get burned down the road, and me’s thinks it will be when he starts to figure out what’s up with Ellington’s death. The political action is just getting started.

The Stranded #2
David Rumecj who’s really Drum, has some of his powers unlocked to defend himself against Janus who’s out to find and destroy the Catalyst, someone the Forgotten fear that escaped their grasp. Having escaped with the help of Tamree, Drum learns that he’s from another planet, one of the stranded here on Earth, memories and powers hidden to escape notice from the Forgotten, a race that wiped out their home planet with little trouble against the planetary defenses. Little by little Drum regains his memory as he travels with Tamree to search out more exiles before Janus reaches them. It’s to New York to seek out their next target, but Janus beats them there. Tamree unveils one of her powers, leaving her body to search the city, where she finds Janus and traps him in a mindscape, only to be trapped herself by Janus assistance Dzin, claiming to be Tamree’s sister.

Whew, lot going on in issue 2 of The Stranded. The pacing is good as the action picks up and background story is revealed as Drum learns about it. We get more insight into why the stranded are here, why they have no memories and a little bit about the bad guys. The art is good but it seems some panels are gorgeous while others seem rushed. Overall a compelling story that just seems fit for a mini-series … step up Sci-Fi.

Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #2
Light or dark, which side will she choose? Jezzerie Jaden has one tough choice to make. With the Shadow Lord on one side and the Swordsman on the other, both sides are trying to draw Jezzerie to their side and with her the new powers she’s coming into. With a bit of help from her grandmother the choice is made. Jezzerie chooses neither light nor dark, she chooses her own path. She is the Shadow Hunter and she will end the war between heaven and hell and any realm in between.

The story is quick and to the point. Jezzerie begins to come into her power and once she makes the choice that granny helps her with its onto new and greater things. When you come from the bloodline of Lilith and have both light and dark within you, yeah, you’re going to be one major badass. The art in Shadow Hunter is just smoking hot, some of the best there is, and the displays of demons and cherubs, it’s just a smooth flow. By far this is one of my favorite series and it’s just getting started. Fan of Witchblade, Fathom maybe? You will dig Shadow Hunter.

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