Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tokyo Majin vol. 2 Impression

Tokyo Majin volume 2 from ADV Films continues the same stylish demon fighting action kicked off in volume 1. Tatsuma, Kyouichi, Komaki, Yuuya, and Hisui, five students from Magami High each with a unique power to battle an ever increasing horde of demons. New monsters appear, one a girl transformed into an insect demon out for revenge against a certain archery opponent, another an abused and picked on boy who’s stray puppy is killed before his eyes. Both instances show an increase in the demon activity but also tie into the past of two of our young heroes. In addition to these confrontations the roles of Tendo Kozunu and Marie Claire begin to get fleshed out. Just as the action really heats up, it’s over with thoughts of volume 3 dancing in viewer’s heads.

Tokyo Majin’s story is not going to win any awards. Gifted high school students fighting demons that are part of a long known prophecy … been there, done that. Even the individual stories seem very deja-vu’ish. So why do I keep watching, why is this series worth buying? The action and animation. The character designs are stunning, I really dig them in the manner I did Persona. It’s just a sexy look and feel and the action matches. We learn enough about each character and the overall story, but the action is what moves each episode. There is no defacto leader on this team, they really rely on each other and play off each other. Even the bad guys are a bit out of whack leaving the viewer wondering about agendas. Did I mention they are also well designed? Marie Claire, most def not a sweet little girl. Kozunu, close to going off his rocker to satiate his own hunger? Yeah, I think so. There is not too much more I can add about this series. I like it for the action and characters. The story, I wish there was more today but my glazing over plot recap is about as deep as I’ll go and the series will allow me. Volume 1 left so much promise but sad to say the story is just not picking up the slack. Still a good title, one that stands on its design alone, but sadly that may not be enough for everyone (tis for me).

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