Sunday, June 29, 2008

COWA! Vol. 1 Impression

COWA! volume 1 from Viz is pure Akira Toriyama fun similar to Dr. Slump, but a bit simpler, smoother. Paifu is the star of this story along with his village of monsters. See Paifu is a half-vampire, half-werekoala. His best friend is a ghost named Jose and rival a monster named Arpon. They are all kids and as kids do they get into adventures. We get to meet different characters in the world of COWA! as well as learn about our heroes. Paifu never lies, well almost never, and it’s this bending of the truth that allows him to combat the Monster Flu sweeping his village. Only with the help of his best friend, rival and local human Mr. Maruyama (and his car of course) can Paifu get to the mountain where the witch who makes the medicine lives. During the journey we learn that Mr. Maruyama is a well known former wrestler known as the Volcano, and he uses his skills to fight certain humans who pick on his monster buddies. The group encounters a guardian monster, another guardian monster, a big-ol witch and … well that’s it, they get the medicine and save the village. We also have some little lies made good and friendships are formed. Did I mention is funny, the kind of funny that only the man who created Dr. Slump could craft.

The art is simple, and reminds of Toriyama’s other work only with the humans. Each monster is fun and simple, really easy to enjoy. The storyline takes on a bit of Dragonball and a bit of Dr. Slump. There is a journey, but also plenty of random stories, and what’s not to love about a half-vampire, half-werekoala? The art seems fit for a child’s book, but there is a good story here, one you could share with a child or enjoy as I did by myself. Some adult humor, but not too much and very subtle lives here. The book is good, a nice addition to any Toriyama fans library. I must say check out COWA! if you took even a passing interest in Dr. Slump. Good simple art mixed with a fun story makes for good reading.

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