Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bleach DVD vol. 10 Impression

In volume 10 of the Bleach DVD series from Viz Chad learns one hard lesson … don’t expect to take on a Captain and come out scratch free. Chad takes on Captain Kyoraku of Squad 8 and is clearly outmatched. As he battles his past with Ichigo is revealed before he finally falls, only to be spared and taken into captivity. Speaking of Ichigo he is still taking on Captain Zaraki of Squad 11, with no luck. He cannot match his spirit power and is killed, yup dead … that is until his zan-pac-to challenges him unleashing a new level of power where sword and wielder are one … but with a hollow-ish presence in tow. Ichigo wins, but as Zaraki falls so does carrot top. Yourichi heals Ichigo and reveals her true (naked) form … tasty! Not fully healed Ichigo heads out against Yourichi’s wish to head to the White Tower where Rukia is face-to-face with Ganju when her brother shows up. Not fully healed Ichigo has learned a few lessons from his first encounter with Kuchiki and he’s ready to fight. Oh, it’s confirmed that Aizen is truly dead and there’ that mystery to solve.

Massive battles, some won, some lost and the death and mystery of a captain … what a truly fun series Bleach is. It keeps pace with the manga, well it moves a bit faster, but all the action is here. For a TV series the animation is top notch and the battles, are just plain sick. Once one battle is over viewers just can’t wait for the next one. Mystery upon mystery reveal as we wonder just who was it Ichigo battled while unlocking his new powers? Who killed Aizen and why? Why did Rukia kill Ganju’s brother? Will Chad recover and where is the rest of the team? Yes there is still much story to tell. The pacing is great, battles are fast and furious and used to reveal the past of various characters, all within a 1-2 episode timeframe. Easy to consume, pleasing the fighter fan in us all while moving along the plot that is not too deep, not too shallow, but just right. Yeah, I’m a Bleach fan and if you pick up a volume of the DVD (or manga) you’ll be hooked, just give it a try. Man, now I have to wait for volume 11 

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