Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Black Blood Brothers vol. 3 Impression

The Kowloon children make an appearance, a massive one that engulfs the entire Special Zone and reveals why it was created. The remains of the Kowloon king are buried somewhere in the Special Zone, in the Eleventh Yard, attracting Cassa and her siblings. As Jiro searches for his brother they are engulfed in the conflict and must confront old foes and past secrets. Kotaro, who and what Kotaro is, will be revealed while we learn small snippets of Jiro’s past, how he became a vampire and some background on just what happened in the past. Mimiko begins to show signs of ties to the past also, further deepening the mystery that is quickly unraveling before viewer’s eyes. The action hits a fever pitch as Jiro takes on Cassa and the next storyline is about to begin.

Whew! That was a quick recap, but take my word; this is one hell of a series that is moving along at a nice pace with plenty of secrety secrets. Animation and character design is nice as always, and the action sequences truly shine, I love some good battles. The voice action is getting much better as Jiro just didn’t seem to show enough emotion in the past but is now, especially with Cassa around. The story is what I’m hooked on and you should be too. I mention Kotaro has some secrets revealed, but that I’m not going to spoil. Yes you may have guessed it already, but it’s still fun to hear, to see along with Jiro’s commentary on how he ties into it. Really makes you anticipate what is to come. Learning about the Kowloon king and the reason for the Special Zone is a nice story twist as now everything is not just about Jiro, he’s just a piece of the puzzle. Mimiko becomes more of a factor in the story, in what way I don’t know yet, but she has a tie to the past yet to be fully fleshed out. The story is heating up, the action and fights are just tasty. There is more to this series than meets the eyes and with no more Trinity Blood or Blood+ to sink your teeth into you owe it to yourself to check out Black Blood Brothers volume 3 (and 1 and 2) from FUNimation.

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