Sunday, June 29, 2008

COWA! Vol. 1 Impression

COWA! volume 1 from Viz is pure Akira Toriyama fun similar to Dr. Slump, but a bit simpler, smoother. Paifu is the star of this story along with his village of monsters. See Paifu is a half-vampire, half-werekoala. His best friend is a ghost named Jose and rival a monster named Arpon. They are all kids and as kids do they get into adventures. We get to meet different characters in the world of COWA! as well as learn about our heroes. Paifu never lies, well almost never, and it’s this bending of the truth that allows him to combat the Monster Flu sweeping his village. Only with the help of his best friend, rival and local human Mr. Maruyama (and his car of course) can Paifu get to the mountain where the witch who makes the medicine lives. During the journey we learn that Mr. Maruyama is a well known former wrestler known as the Volcano, and he uses his skills to fight certain humans who pick on his monster buddies. The group encounters a guardian monster, another guardian monster, a big-ol witch and … well that’s it, they get the medicine and save the village. We also have some little lies made good and friendships are formed. Did I mention is funny, the kind of funny that only the man who created Dr. Slump could craft.

The art is simple, and reminds of Toriyama’s other work only with the humans. Each monster is fun and simple, really easy to enjoy. The storyline takes on a bit of Dragonball and a bit of Dr. Slump. There is a journey, but also plenty of random stories, and what’s not to love about a half-vampire, half-werekoala? The art seems fit for a child’s book, but there is a good story here, one you could share with a child or enjoy as I did by myself. Some adult humor, but not too much and very subtle lives here. The book is good, a nice addition to any Toriyama fans library. I must say check out COWA! if you took even a passing interest in Dr. Slump. Good simple art mixed with a fun story makes for good reading.

Witchblade DVD vol. 6 Impression

Volume 6 of Witchblade packs an emotional punch most anime rarely approach when wrapping up the proceedings. Masane is becoming weaker and weaker as the Witchblade takes its toll on her body. She continues to live her life even as it begins to slip away, first the sense of taste, soon her life. Takayama takes back his position from Wado just in time for thousands of I-Weapons to go rogue. As the I-Weapons come ashore it’s time for all hell to break loose. Maria, Aoi and Asagi all confront Masane, the results of which won’t surprise. Rie Nishida comes to a classic ending, under tread, while Masane embraces her final fate high atop Tokyo Tower. Her very essence disappears as she unleashes one last wave of power to take care of every remaining I-Weapon. While she departs this world she ensures that Rihoko and Takayama are united.

Saving the best for last. Marc Silvestri pens the cover art of volume six which is just sweet looking and really bridges the gap from Top Cow to FUNimation. The story really evolves as this went from a very sensual Witchblade fighting twisted I-Weapons to a very sensual Witchblade fighting twisted I-Weapons for a reason with emotional attachments. The fate of the Witchblade is sealed a volume earlier so you are not surprised, but you will be sad. The reuniting of Rihoko and Takayama leaves a warm fuzzy in you, but having her mother disappear proves this is a good anime. Why? Because you care, you are sad to see this ending, but also you will feel some satisfaction. The action, the animation is fast, furious and the best of the series. When the journey began who knew what to expect. An anime take on a great American comic series, who knew it would work this well. It could have been all about T&A, but something good happened, a real story with good characters developed. I’m sad to see this story end, but when it comes to the Witchblade is the story every truly over?

The Last Remnant Images

More RPG love from the company that just keeps delivering. The Last Remnant from Square Enix will give Xbox 360 owners some tasty J-RPG love. Remnants are objects, artifacts, located around the world that have been utilized for weapons and more due to their power. These items lead to war, war waged with the power of the Remnants for the purpose of domination. The settings seem similar to a Dynasty Warriors game, but this is a new beast, one gamers are going to dig. I cannot wait, but since I have too I’ll just tide my time with these tasty images.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Blood+ Manga vol. 2 Impression

The Blood+ manga from Dark Horse packs action and art to rival the anime, and surpass it in some instances. As Saya comes to grips with what she is the one-armed Charles continues his assault, not pleased with his battle. He wants Saya to remember who she is before he ends her life, a grudge tied to his lost arm. In order to bring Saya to him Charles kidnaps Riku, Saya’s younger brother and takes him to Vietnam. George has to stay behind in Japan to take care of things while Saya and Kai accompany David to Vietnam. A chance encounter with a one legged girl carrying blue roses in the city leads the group to the same town Saya went medieval on back during the Vietnam war, causing her to have bloody flashbacks. Meanwhile Riku becomes close with the young Charles, forming an odd bond of friendship that Solomon sees as weak and unneeded. Speaking of Solomon he’s in the background working on … well we have yet to find out what, ditto for Red Shield who dispatches backup to Vietnam for David. In the village all the villagers, including Mui (who befriends Saya) turn into Chiropteran’s and attack, causing them to be killed and Saya to embrace what Chiropterans are and face killing humans. We learn about Diva, her being Saya’s sister and how George first encountered an awakened Saya, then it’s onto volume 3.

Ok, so I mention this series moves beyond the anime. The art is superb, matches up beautifully with the anime, but there is a humor, a sense of emotion I see in the manga that is not always apparent in the anime, a great feat. The action, humor, emotion all comes through superbly in the manga pages. The storyline is great also, and when compared to the anime, which I just have to do, offers up enough changes and pacing to warrant owning each. Kai does not have to chase Saya to Vietnam, Riku never meets Mui, there is no private school and Charles is much different from his counterpart in the anime, not to mention there is the absence of one major death in the manga that I don’t mind. The story is great, hands down. The pacing is much faster than the anime, which is kind of odd since manga usually takes a bit more time to flesh out story. Chicken before the egg here as the manga is based on the anime, which is not the norm. So, art is sweet, story is good with enough wrinkles to separate it from the anime and the pacing is just right for an action packed manga. Not too much more to add other than bravo to Dark Horse for publishing this book that takes a risky approach by changing major story points and characters on a popular series. Not a straight up adaptation, a wholly new experience … now give me volume 3 already.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 Gameplay Trailer

The action in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 from Namco Bandai on the PSP is as hot as the anime that birthed it. Fans of the series know what I'm talking about, just check out these gameplay trailer. Naruto is setting the standard for PSP fighting games bar none.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bleach DVD vol. 10 Impression

In volume 10 of the Bleach DVD series from Viz Chad learns one hard lesson … don’t expect to take on a Captain and come out scratch free. Chad takes on Captain Kyoraku of Squad 8 and is clearly outmatched. As he battles his past with Ichigo is revealed before he finally falls, only to be spared and taken into captivity. Speaking of Ichigo he is still taking on Captain Zaraki of Squad 11, with no luck. He cannot match his spirit power and is killed, yup dead … that is until his zan-pac-to challenges him unleashing a new level of power where sword and wielder are one … but with a hollow-ish presence in tow. Ichigo wins, but as Zaraki falls so does carrot top. Yourichi heals Ichigo and reveals her true (naked) form … tasty! Not fully healed Ichigo heads out against Yourichi’s wish to head to the White Tower where Rukia is face-to-face with Ganju when her brother shows up. Not fully healed Ichigo has learned a few lessons from his first encounter with Kuchiki and he’s ready to fight. Oh, it’s confirmed that Aizen is truly dead and there’ that mystery to solve.

Massive battles, some won, some lost and the death and mystery of a captain … what a truly fun series Bleach is. It keeps pace with the manga, well it moves a bit faster, but all the action is here. For a TV series the animation is top notch and the battles, are just plain sick. Once one battle is over viewers just can’t wait for the next one. Mystery upon mystery reveal as we wonder just who was it Ichigo battled while unlocking his new powers? Who killed Aizen and why? Why did Rukia kill Ganju’s brother? Will Chad recover and where is the rest of the team? Yes there is still much story to tell. The pacing is great, battles are fast and furious and used to reveal the past of various characters, all within a 1-2 episode timeframe. Easy to consume, pleasing the fighter fan in us all while moving along the plot that is not too deep, not too shallow, but just right. Yeah, I’m a Bleach fan and if you pick up a volume of the DVD (or manga) you’ll be hooked, just give it a try. Man, now I have to wait for volume 11 

Black Blood Brothers vol. 3 Impression

The Kowloon children make an appearance, a massive one that engulfs the entire Special Zone and reveals why it was created. The remains of the Kowloon king are buried somewhere in the Special Zone, in the Eleventh Yard, attracting Cassa and her siblings. As Jiro searches for his brother they are engulfed in the conflict and must confront old foes and past secrets. Kotaro, who and what Kotaro is, will be revealed while we learn small snippets of Jiro’s past, how he became a vampire and some background on just what happened in the past. Mimiko begins to show signs of ties to the past also, further deepening the mystery that is quickly unraveling before viewer’s eyes. The action hits a fever pitch as Jiro takes on Cassa and the next storyline is about to begin.

Whew! That was a quick recap, but take my word; this is one hell of a series that is moving along at a nice pace with plenty of secrety secrets. Animation and character design is nice as always, and the action sequences truly shine, I love some good battles. The voice action is getting much better as Jiro just didn’t seem to show enough emotion in the past but is now, especially with Cassa around. The story is what I’m hooked on and you should be too. I mention Kotaro has some secrets revealed, but that I’m not going to spoil. Yes you may have guessed it already, but it’s still fun to hear, to see along with Jiro’s commentary on how he ties into it. Really makes you anticipate what is to come. Learning about the Kowloon king and the reason for the Special Zone is a nice story twist as now everything is not just about Jiro, he’s just a piece of the puzzle. Mimiko becomes more of a factor in the story, in what way I don’t know yet, but she has a tie to the past yet to be fully fleshed out. The story is heating up, the action and fights are just tasty. There is more to this series than meets the eyes and with no more Trinity Blood or Blood+ to sink your teeth into you owe it to yourself to check out Black Blood Brothers volume 3 (and 1 and 2) from FUNimation.

Dragonball Z Burst Limit Trailers

Dragonball Z Burst Limit is on shelves now and I'm finally getting a chance to play the full version of this puppy (the demo is sweet) so while I play a bit check out these trailers. From the demos opening it feels like a true episode of DBZ, only better. It's crisp, sharp, clear and most important it feels like the anime. More soon, for now enjoy these Dragonball Z Burst Limit trailers.

Infinite Undiscovery Xbox 360 Images

Infinite Undiscovery Logo Image
The name of the game may be a bit … odd, but once you take a look at this beauty there is no denying the Xbox 360 is going to get some much needed ammo in the battle for the Japanese market with Infinite Undiscovery. Square Enix may be keeping Final Fantasy on the PS3 for now, but the new franchises it’s trying out on multiple systems should please RPG fans everywhere. Players will enjoy a real-time world with beautiful graphics and a story where the gamer chooses the path they will follow, a world they will discover. Here are some details from the press release and the pics below, well they just scream H-O-T … enjoy!

“Players will be confronted with a variety of dramatic situational battles such as executing a daring escape while a gigantic ogre follows in hot pursuit, or waging battle amidst towering tidal waves. The dynamic environments change and respond in real time, creating an entirely new experience never before seen in the genre. Combat, exploration, and other actions all take place within the same environment, seamlessly shifting between each game facet. Battles are carried out in real time, bringing the vibrant fighting sequences of the STAR OCEAN series out of the traditional battle screen into a beautiful and lush environment.”

Infinite Undiscovery Image 1
Infinite Undiscovery Image 2
Infinite Undiscovery Image 3
Infinite Undiscovery Image 4
Infinite Undiscovery Image 5

Friday, June 13, 2008

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Game Trailer

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice for the PlayStation 3 is going to be CRAZY! Geo Blocks (see in Afternoon of Darkness on PSP) make their way onto home consoles along with a new story and characters all set in the world of Disgaea. The stunning character design is back along with hardcore strategy gameplay unlike any other S-RPG out. I loves me some Disgaea and if you have any interest in strategy role-playing games you owe it to yourself to check out this trailer and game when it hits. I love old school style games on next-gen. Money.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Virgin Comics Recap

Impressions for The Megas #2, The Stranded #2, Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #2

When last I spoke about Virgin Comics it was my first exposure to the brand. What I found still delights me as these are unique books with varied creative teams from TV and Movies. I started with The Megas, The Stranded and Shadow Hunter. I’ve received a few more books which I’ll touch on later, but for now I wanted to recap volume two of the three books I mention above. Yes, I say books, but they are comic books, and good ones at that. So here we go ..

The Megas #2
Jack Madison continues his investigation into the murder of Ellington Boureaux at a Dupont Circle brothel. As he digs further things begin not to add up. Ellington had a spotless record, not vices other than this one, no reason to kill himself let alone three girls. One of the girls, Melody Davis, was Ellington’s favorite, and one he seemed to have a true place in his heart for. She is also a girl not into the group thing, so why is she killed along two others? Just part of the mystery, a mystery that also includes Jack’s own little secrets. He’s being watched but which secret will come out first, his relationship with Mega princess Julianne or his reliance on drugs to relax? The mystery deepens and new players are introduced, just what Jack needed and readers want.

As I touched on with Megas #1 the art is passable, pretty sub-par so what shines with the Megas is the story. Issue 2 continues to weave a world where class is defined by the color of hair and where you are born. The mystery group watching Jack intrigues as you just know he’s going to get burned down the road, and me’s thinks it will be when he starts to figure out what’s up with Ellington’s death. The political action is just getting started.

The Stranded #2
David Rumecj who’s really Drum, has some of his powers unlocked to defend himself against Janus who’s out to find and destroy the Catalyst, someone the Forgotten fear that escaped their grasp. Having escaped with the help of Tamree, Drum learns that he’s from another planet, one of the stranded here on Earth, memories and powers hidden to escape notice from the Forgotten, a race that wiped out their home planet with little trouble against the planetary defenses. Little by little Drum regains his memory as he travels with Tamree to search out more exiles before Janus reaches them. It’s to New York to seek out their next target, but Janus beats them there. Tamree unveils one of her powers, leaving her body to search the city, where she finds Janus and traps him in a mindscape, only to be trapped herself by Janus assistance Dzin, claiming to be Tamree’s sister.

Whew, lot going on in issue 2 of The Stranded. The pacing is good as the action picks up and background story is revealed as Drum learns about it. We get more insight into why the stranded are here, why they have no memories and a little bit about the bad guys. The art is good but it seems some panels are gorgeous while others seem rushed. Overall a compelling story that just seems fit for a mini-series … step up Sci-Fi.

Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #2
Light or dark, which side will she choose? Jezzerie Jaden has one tough choice to make. With the Shadow Lord on one side and the Swordsman on the other, both sides are trying to draw Jezzerie to their side and with her the new powers she’s coming into. With a bit of help from her grandmother the choice is made. Jezzerie chooses neither light nor dark, she chooses her own path. She is the Shadow Hunter and she will end the war between heaven and hell and any realm in between.

The story is quick and to the point. Jezzerie begins to come into her power and once she makes the choice that granny helps her with its onto new and greater things. When you come from the bloodline of Lilith and have both light and dark within you, yeah, you’re going to be one major badass. The art in Shadow Hunter is just smoking hot, some of the best there is, and the displays of demons and cherubs, it’s just a smooth flow. By far this is one of my favorite series and it’s just getting started. Fan of Witchblade, Fathom maybe? You will dig Shadow Hunter.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Images June

Square Enix recently released images for three title, big time titles, that will be hitting the Xbox 360. Unlike the original Xbox the 360 is getting some good support from very Japanese titles and these three will help. I'm going to share images for these three titles with you over the next few days starting with Star Ocean 4, officially known as Star Ocean: The Last Hope. The story goes like this ... "The year is S.D. 10; in the aftermath of World War III, humanity voyages into the stars in search of a new home...and a second chance." Developed by tri-Ace Inc. this title is in great hands. Taking the team that's handled the franchise and giving them the power of the 360 ... tune in for more on this later, but for now check out these pics, yummy.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hunter x Hunter vol. 20 Impression

Great action in Hunter x Hunter vol. 20. Having realized they are no match for the opponents they will find in the NGL it’s time for some training for Gon and Killua. In one month Gon and Killua will know if they will be permitted to re-enter the NGL to search for Kite and confront the threat that is slowly growing in the queen. While Chairman Netero, Knov and Morel slowly eliminate the weaker troops the Elite Royal Guard wait. Neferpitou brings Kite back to life, but just how he will be remains to be seen. A new Royal Guard appears by the name of Shaiapouf and the king is yet to come. Gon and Killua meanwhile are recruited by the creepy Palm, one of Knov’s pupils, who is also looking to join her teacher in the NGL, as long as Gon and Killua can defeat Knuckle and Shoot, Morel pupil’s, and take their Shogi tiles. They have one month to train, training conducted by Biscuit who is brought in by Palm. The training begins, daily fights with Knuckle who is actually a really nice guy and good with animals. His good nature may be his downfall due to the increase in power Gon realizes, but will it be enough in one month, especially since Knuckle has not revealed his full power. Killua meanwhile takes on Shoot who’s been in hiding until this final battle (wimp). Mixed into our tale is the story of Gyro, the founder of the NGL, a creature with a twisted past who I don’t think we’ve seen the last of.

Ah, the training issue. Every Shonen manga seems to have these volumes scattered in. Whenever a hero hits the wall, time to train. This story is no different, but it does introduce some cool new characters and the story of Gyro leaves you wanting more. The art is excellent as always, perfect for Shonen fans, playful when it needs to be, violent and serious as the story turns in that direction. Gon’s quest for his father takes a backseat as the very real threat, and the status of Kite is what’s on his mind. The evolution of Gon and Killua continues as their signature moves have flaws, ones exploited by their opponent and must be improved if they are to re-enter the NGL. The story ends with the final fight so I’m guessing next volume it’s back to the NGL for our trio. The fun is seeing how they get there and just how bad ass the king is going to be. Good times indeed. There is no doubt Hunter x Hunter is one of the funniest action titles out today, and like DBZ, Naruto and others before it there is no end in sight for Gon’s adventures. What I love about Gon is he’s never the strongest, just always the one who preservers until he finds that inner strength, and his sunny disposition on life if infectious, not just in the story but without. Twenty volumes in and still going strong with Hunter x Hunter volume 20 from Viz.

Final Fantasy IV DS Trailers

Final Fantasy IV is getting the remake treatment on the Nintendo DS and it's looking sweet. Fans of the series will no doubt dig this title. I've played the Game Boy remakes and FFIII on DS and each time, no matter how many times I relive the stories I just enjoy it every time. Having seen these trailers and what was done in FFIII I'm geeked, really excited. The more Square Enix works with a system the better they get, thus the excitment. The CG trailer is the bomb and you also get looks at a cutscene and some battle action. Enjoy, I know I did.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bleach DVD vol. 8 & 9 Impression

The action in Bleach heats up to new levels in Bleach DVD vol. 8 and Bleach DVD vol. 9. We learn how powerful Ichigo has become as he faces off with some familiar faces while new plots unfold in the Seireitei.

Bleach DVD vol. 8Bleach DVD Volume 8
With the help of a meek member of Squad 4 Ichigo and Ganju make great strides towards reaching Rukia in the white tower. Upon leaving their underground passageway Ichigo is confronted by Renji, a Renji out for vengeance at the trouble he put Rukia in. During the battle Renji experiences flashbacks to how he and Rukia met as children, they adoption into the Soul Society and their rise to power. As the winner emerges both combatants have scars to remember, but at the end of the day it’s Ichigo who moves on to continue is quest for Rukia’s rescue.

This volume of Bleach continues the fast paced story as Ichigo races to rescue Rukia and it gives some insight into the past to two very important characters, Rukia (duh!) and Renji. We begin to see Renji as more than just an opponent for Ichigo but the future ally he will become. The flashbacks are well integrated and do not interrupt story flow, something we will continue to see in later volumes as each Captain and Second Seat will have background stories of one manner or another. Speaking of other Captains …

Bleach DVD vol. 9Bleach DVD Volume 9
The race to rescue continues but not before an interesting story from back in the human world outlining the exploits of the Karakura Superheroes. As the story shifts back to the Soul Society we learn that Captain Aizen has been murdered, no small feat as he was one of the elite in the society and no easy opponent. Who killed him? The focus of course shifts to Ichigo and company, but they are in no position to handle so decidedly a captain. As Ichigo and Ganju get closer to Rukia they are overcome by an obscene spirit pressure, one they cannot escape from. Who does this pressure belong too and how can the trio hope to survive an encounter with such a monster?

Ok, volume 9 is almost like a transition story within the main ongoing story. We learn about the death of Aizen, which is great because is adds a new level of depth to the world of Bleach. It’s not all about carrot top anymore; there are more players, more stories and larger agendas to consider. The Karakura story is pulled from the intro sketches in the manga. It’s a fun diversion, but I want me some more fight episodes. Speaking of which the pressure being felt, yeah it belongs to a certain captain Ichigo was warned about and seeing as how this is a long running series it’s going to be very interesting to see how our hero services, not wins, but survives.

With great pacing and the same animation and characters that made you a fan of Bleach, volume 8 and 9 of the DVD keep things rolling in a great manner. We get insight into Renji and learn that it’s not all about Ichigo and company, there is something else at play, or someone, as Aizen is dead and everyone is on guard. Now if only we can get Viz to put like 10-12 episodes on each DVD, which would be sweet.

Tokyo Majin vol. 2 Impression

Tokyo Majin volume 2 from ADV Films continues the same stylish demon fighting action kicked off in volume 1. Tatsuma, Kyouichi, Komaki, Yuuya, and Hisui, five students from Magami High each with a unique power to battle an ever increasing horde of demons. New monsters appear, one a girl transformed into an insect demon out for revenge against a certain archery opponent, another an abused and picked on boy who’s stray puppy is killed before his eyes. Both instances show an increase in the demon activity but also tie into the past of two of our young heroes. In addition to these confrontations the roles of Tendo Kozunu and Marie Claire begin to get fleshed out. Just as the action really heats up, it’s over with thoughts of volume 3 dancing in viewer’s heads.

Tokyo Majin’s story is not going to win any awards. Gifted high school students fighting demons that are part of a long known prophecy … been there, done that. Even the individual stories seem very deja-vu’ish. So why do I keep watching, why is this series worth buying? The action and animation. The character designs are stunning, I really dig them in the manner I did Persona. It’s just a sexy look and feel and the action matches. We learn enough about each character and the overall story, but the action is what moves each episode. There is no defacto leader on this team, they really rely on each other and play off each other. Even the bad guys are a bit out of whack leaving the viewer wondering about agendas. Did I mention they are also well designed? Marie Claire, most def not a sweet little girl. Kozunu, close to going off his rocker to satiate his own hunger? Yeah, I think so. There is not too much more I can add about this series. I like it for the action and characters. The story, I wish there was more today but my glazing over plot recap is about as deep as I’ll go and the series will allow me. Volume 1 left so much promise but sad to say the story is just not picking up the slack. Still a good title, one that stands on its design alone, but sadly that may not be enough for everyone (tis for me).

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tales of Vesperia Xbox 360 Trailer

Tales of Vesperia from Namco Bandai is looking like one gorgeous game. I love anime and this game makes you feel like you are playing an anime. I know there are Naruto and DBZ games out there that do the same, but it's the unique characters and settings in a games like Tales that makes me feel like I'm playing a new show, one I can not just watch but interact with. I am mega happy with my purchase of an Xbox 360 thanks to games like Tales of Vesperia ... and it's not even out yet!

xxxHolic vol. 1 Impression

Are you an xxxHolic? Holic’s have desires, lusts and wants they need help with, some are welcome, some are not. Watanuki has a problem with spirits. He sees them and they follow him, a curse his family endures. With no parents and living on his own what’s a boy to do with these daily torments … visit the Dimensional Witch of course. One day Watanuki finds himself at the front door of the Dimensional Witch Yuko who tells him his ending up there was inevitable. Yuko can help Watanuki, but for a price, not money but rather something dear to the bearer, equal in value to the help given. In order to be free of his torment Watanuki becomes Yuko’s employee cooking, cleaning, helping her with the unique customers that come into her shop. He quickly learns that not only can Yuko put away a bottle of saki but not every client helped heeds her advice. Each customer seems to not understand how they ended up in the shop so the help given is not always heeded. Each case is unique from Watanuki’s and Yuko’s meeting to the assistance of a school rival to a girl that lies and the truth about fortune telling. Each case is different, each errand a new lesson learned and the characters met along the way precious and twisted in one manner or another.

The stories found in xxxHolic volume 1 from FUNimation remind me in many ways of Hell Girl. Each story is unique and weaves a tale to be enjoyed by anime goers looking for that something different anime. Exploring human vices, ones that they may not wanted cured, is always a journey into the weird and twisted, and it’s a journey viewers will thoroughly enjoy with xxxHolic. Yuko does not cure ills, she does not help just those looking for help, but those fate brings too her. A girl that lies for no reason may not want to be cured, another child may want to be taken over by bad spirits, and it’s not all black and white. These stories from Clamp are pure pleasure to watch and finally give us a look into the witch only touched on during Tsubasa. The humor mixed in with the story telling is well done, paced perfectly. The animation and character design is a delightful visual cocktail that leaves the sense tantalized and thirsting for more. Yuko and friends are each designed so uniqly with long arms and legs relaying a grace and sometimes clumsiness just perfect for what we are watching. So much thought was put into each character that the background characters are just grey masses passing in time. It’s good stuff.

I’m sure by now you can tell I really did xxxHolic. We are a few DVD in now, and I’m going to touch on the next few volumes, but this is by far one of the best anime in 2008 with a great mixture of story, design, animation and emotion. It hits on the right chords and will please all but the most action only anime fans, hell maybe even some of them too. Take a chance on xxxHolic. Clamp is an excellent studio and I’m finding myself having a hard time doubting any of their work.

I'm Back!!!

Man, what a trip that was. Fun little work trip to Cancun that was full of late nights and tons of learning. Good tiems all together. Now that I'm back it's time to get to work and catch-up on my blogging. I've got a ton of Viz and FUNimation along with some Virgin Comics and ADV films to cover. Dark Horse you're coming up soon and there are some sweet games to talk about ... LEGO Indiana Jones and Ninja Gaiden II to name a few. Man it's going to be a great June. Thanks for reading ... Flee