Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zoids Assault Preview

I love anime, and I love video games based on anime. No matter the original source material I have to take a look from the usual suspects of Dragon Ball Z and Naruto to the lesser knowns such as the upcoming Zoids Assault from Atlus. Hitting the Xbox 360, Zoids Assault is a strategy RPG that should leave fans of the series salivating, but what about everyone else?

This is an interesting title as Zoids never received the treatment it deserved here in the states from an anime standpoint. This title is a way of engaging the floundering Japanese Xbox 360 market, and one I must applaud. Unlike its predecessor the 360 is truly looking to establish itself in Japan, but the clock is ticking as they are giving Sony too much time to sort out their issues. See Atlus turns out a lot of niche titles, ones that J-RPG’ers, like me, love. Zoids is just one entry on the Xbox 360 for Atlus along with Operation Darkness and Spectral Force 3. Anyway back to Zoids the source material is very, very rich with tons of mecha to upgrade, each in the form of an animal. Where Front Mission is a gray military based SRPG Zoids will liven things up with great customization options and commanding a team of specially designed Zoids will reflect well on the anime as teams go head to head. According to Atlus there will be “tons of customization and upgrade options, including melee weapons, rockets, rifles, machine guns, shotguns, cannons, and more” which is nice to hear.

So what do I think? Sweet is what I think. Like I said the Zoids series is money, better than you would expect and if this game delivers what it promises fans will have a great time and SRPG’ers are going to be satisfied as well. The waiting game begins.

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