Friday, May 2, 2008

Witchblade vol. 5 Impression

What’s a mother to do when her corporate sugar daddy takes a dive for the better of the company, new and stronger enemies appear, romance is in the air and a daddy appears? Evolve of course. In Witchblade volume 5 from FUNimation Masane is faced with new challenges, both from Cloneblades as well as personal challenges. I will warn you now; there are spoilers here, so you’ve been warned.

Reiji steps down from his role in the Doji Group as a fall guy for the recent murders and also spends time with his daughter who does not know he is her father. Masane finds herself giving into her feelings for Reiji, with a little encouragement from Rihoko. Tatsuoki has a major legacy complex and it cost him his life as his genetics come to a crashing end as secret alliances are revealed. Oh, the Witchblade undergoes a major transformation as Masane finds herself outclassed by a new weapons grade cloneblade. She changes color and just becomes even more badass and sensual all at the same time.

This volume of Witchblade has it all. Excellent animation, great voice acting, super story and exclusive cover art. Lets start there where Dale Keown of Hulk fames depicts the death of the father, quite nice. Having these artist contribute to the covers really helps to tie this series back to the Top Cow comics. Ok, animation, great, touched on that before, voice acting ditto, story, oh yes the story is getting spicy now. Not only do we get a new intro and theme song to match the transformation of the Witchblade but we begin to learn much more about the past, why Masane was at the eye of the storm, about Reiji and his fatherly role as well as where the clone blades came from, what their purpose is. The secret agendas of those within and outside the Doji group add to the spice, it’s just really ramping up at the right time. One hell of an anime I must say. As we speed to the conclusion there are still plenty of questions to be answered and with the overall package Witchblade delivers anime fans just can’t lose.

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