Monday, May 5, 2008

Guyver vol. 7 Impression

Guyver volume 7 from ADV Films is a mixed bag. One year later, both Guyvers still missing after Archanfel destroyed the relic. Tetsuro and Mizuki are in hiding not able to even see their parents and unknown to anyone they are being looked after by Aptom, who has his own motivation, waiting for the Guyver to return. It’s a bleak future where Chronos took over all the worlds’ governments in a matter of weeks thanks to planted zoanoids and now society is promoting optimization, all with no opposition. Almost no opposition that is. Makishima makes an appearance as the head of an anti-Chronos group, his Guyver powers intact but still no match for the zoalords of Chronos. He is searching, searching for Sho, but where is our hero? He was encased, merged with the remains of the relic in a cocoon where the command metals from the relic have merged with his own. Meanwhile Chronos is in possession of this cocoon with no idea what is inside. Before he can make an appearance a rebuilt ZX-Tole wreaks havoc and seeks revenge on Aptom, who he quite nicely kicks all over town, until (cue music) a massive Guyver appears and annihilates ZX-Tole. Seems Sho, who happened to transport half-way around the globe to save the day, has merged with the Relic and is now the most powerful Guyver ever. Reunited with his friends with newfound power it’s time to retake what Chronos took. Right?

I really enjoyed this series. It truly was a new level of violence and reminded me of the live-action Guyver films and earlier anime series. This Guyver was not about happy endings as seen when Sho’s father is transformed and killed and the bad guys actually take over the world. But the good guys win, right? Nope. See just when I get goose bumps about Sho returning and being just a badass, poof, that’s it, series over. Yes, right after the fight with ZX-Tole, after we watch an entire episode of Tetsuro and Mizuki in seclusion the series ends. Yes, Sho is alive which is great, but we never get the rematch with Archanfel, we never get to see what this new Guyver can really do. I could live with society’s issues no being resolved if only the new Guyver had a chance to take on a few zoalords. I feel empty, like there are a few episodes missing, and no move in sight to wrap things up. For a series that evoked so many of my anime roots, emotions I’ve not had since I first got into anime, I’m upset. The action, the character design, the story is unique and has been around for quite a few years now and finally getting to see a new evolved Guyver, yeah it’s just sad to see it end with so many plot points left unfinished. Does this mean the series is bad … no, not by a long shot. It was quite good and very enjoyable, but like the Sopranos it just left something to be desired at the end. As sad end to such a good anime.

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  1. I gotta agree, but it follows the guyver manga so theres gotta be more episodes, maybe another 2 seasons if theres a need. But it won't be the same in the future because Chris Patton(Sho) is quitting anime (Makes me cry:( )