Thursday, May 22, 2008

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Impression

I'll never hide the fact I love Square Enix, their games, their music ... pretty much everything they have to offer. I've recently had a chance to get my hands on Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Set Vol. 1 and Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Set Vol. 2 from the Square Enix Store and I must say, for under $20 these sets of four figurres are to die for. Pictured is vol. 2, but I'd like to touch on both sets at once. Each set contains four semi-deformed (cartoon looking) characters, one each from Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X and XII.

Final Fantasy VII - Cloud in vol. 1, Tifa in vol. 2. Hands down Cloud is the reason to buy this set. Sword in hand, hair on point and not an ounce of mopiness around. Tifa is a nice addition, but me want Sephiroth. The detail on each is outstanding for such a small figure, something I will say applies to every figure in these sets. Cloud looks good anywhere you put him and all of Tifa's assets are here to enjoy.

Final Fantasy VIII - Rinoa in vol. 1, Squall in vol. 2. Rinoa has always been one of my favorite female characters in any FF and having her figure with Squall just fits. Squall is even more special due to his appearance in Kingdom Hearts which is just sweet. Like Cloud and Tifa the pairing of Squall and Rinoa is just perfect for any collection. From Rinoa's highlights to Sqall's scar the detail I mention above is seen here.

Final Fantasy X - Yuna in vol. 1, Auron in vol. 2. Ok, Yuna is kinda a cheat since the figure is from X2 and not her look in X. She looks great, but I'm not sure why she is the X2 version. Now Auron, he is just a badass that could very well be the greatest figure in any of these sets. He's large and in charge on my work desk and just reminds me of the ending of FFX, him and Tidus ... damn that was good.

Final Fantasy XII - Vaan in vol. 1, Ashe in vol. 2. It's the latest title, but one full of memorable characters. Vaan in volume one is a stretch, he grew on me in the game, but I want ... I don't know something more manly in the first set. Ashe just knows she's cute and is posing like it. She has some great detail and color in her figure down to her necklace.
All together having one character each from such beloved series will make you want to collect every volume that comes out. At a nice price point and with great detail there is no reason not to pick these up. I highly recommend them and it's not often you have a chance to get affordable goodies for a series such as Final Fantasy.

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