Tuesday, May 20, 2008

D. Gray-Man Anime Acquired by FUNimation

Very few announcements get my skin all goose-bumpy like the most recent from FUNimation. They have acquired from Dentsu 51 episodes of the anime for D. Gray-Man, a manga I’ve talked about often and absolutely love. Check out FUNimation’s D. Gray-Man site for the first glimpse at the trailer. For those not familiar with the series it is published by Viz with superb art by Katsura Hoshino and a story that, while confusing me at times, is full of memorable characters and a very unique story. To summarize, here is what D. Gray-Man is all about …

“Allen Walker is a young boy who is a member of The Black Order; a secretive organization whose members are known as Exorcists. The Order's primary mission is to stop The Millennium Earl, an ancient being who intends to 'cleanse' the world by destroying all life on it.
Exorcists are specially chosen humans who are gifted with the ability to control and use Innocence, a divine substance created in ages past to combat the Earl and his minions.
The Millennium Earl is aided in his plans by The Noah Clan, humans who are direct descendants of Noah himself, and commands an army of demonic creatures called Akuma to do his bidding. Since Akuma can impersonate humans and blend in with society, Exorcists are routinely assigned to track down and eliminate them. Allen is the only exorcist able to see through the Akuma's disguise. Japan takes center stage in this end of 19th Century set battle between the Millenium Earl and the Exorcists – who have God on their side.”

That’s FUNimations stance, for what I think about D. Gray-Man check out these blog post on this site and a few from my old journal here.

Hands down this is an absolute coup for FUNimation. One of the hottest anime companies around just got a hell of a lot hotter … they have Claymore too :)

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  1. what channel is d.gray-man coming on?
    perhaps adultswim somtime..?
    i need to know!!