Sunday, May 4, 2008

Afro Samurai Game Trailer and Screenshots

Afro Samurai, most well known for airing on Spike TV in 2007 and having quite a voice cast headlined by Mr. Royale with Cheese Sam Jackson, is getting the video game treatment and it is looking suh-weet! The anime from FUNimation was excellent telling the story of #2 Afro as he hunted the owner of the #1 headband who just happened to kill his pappy. The action is bloody and stylish mixing traditional samurai action with a hip-hop flare. Namco Bandai is bringing this title to us and with their history of good and excellent anime based titles (and a few poopers) it's still up in the air just how good a game this will be (hope for Naruto, pray against Zatch Bell). Here's to hoping the game measures up and to tide you over and myself of course, check out this trailer and screenshots below.

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