Monday, April 28, 2008

Street Fighter Tribute Hardcover

If you're into gaming then you know about Street Fighter. Be you a hardcore fighting game fan or just casual gamer the Street Fighter franchise is known to you, it's a staple in the history of game. Udon has long kept the story alive with unique books and comics set in the Street Fighter universe and their excellent art is also the design of the downloadable remake. Now gamers get a special treat as Udon is releasing (pre-order now) the Street Fighter Tribute Hardcover. This gorgeous book will contain not only professional art but fan art as well giving a truly unique look at all things Street Fighter from the folks who grew up playing. I for one am excited for this book, just some of the preview images are HOT! Here is what Udon has to say ... "UDON Entertainment would like to let all its fans know that the Street Fighter Tribute Hardcover Edition art book is now available for preorder! This 280+ page book features hundreds of skilled artists’ interpretations of Street Fighter, including top artists like J.Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes, and Penny Arcade's Gabe, UDON mainstays like Alvin Lee, Arnold Tsang, and Omar Dogan, and many, many more!"

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