Sunday, April 27, 2008

PiQ Impressions

Alas poor Newtype, you were that beautiful supermodel that was just too expensive to maintain, the one that was easy to approach but nobody ever did for fear of your glamorous look and content. Yes, I’m comparing Newtype to a super model because DAMN I loved this magazine. I don’t speak, read or write Japanese but I would get Newtype for the artistry and content. When it was announced here in the states I was thrilled and signed up from day one.

Imagine my surprise when I received an issue of PiQ with a note about the demise of Newtype. Well, surprise may not be the right word. For a time we’ve, the anime fans, have seen a grand influx of anime of all types, manga too, that was just too much for fans to keep afloat. Geneon goes under, anime companies begin to package series as box sets, and it was a golden era that is now getting slim in a good way, but more on that later. So enter PiQ a new magazine set to incorporate the anime fans of Newtype with a more broad cultural appeal. Anime, Comics, Games, Movies, Music, TV and then some. This is actually how my blog started before I narrowed down to just a few topics, a course I believe PiQ will need to follow. I love the game, anime and manga coverage but I really don’t need in-depth movie, Blu-Ray or not, coverage. Entertainment Weekly will serve the purpose there my friends. Give me what Newtype did, the anime and manga news mixed with a more American gaming coverage and the cool swag you see in any import store. I want to know about cool music, but not mainstream, please leave the mainstream alone. I want to know about gadgets without thinking I’m reading Wired.

I want to know what Entertainment for the rest of us is. Fans of Newtype, me folks, me, will miss the DVD, the giveaways, but PiQ has a chance to serve up the great feature stories, gaming coverage, swag and more. This is a bus of limited size. Not everyone will fit on board so make sure you take care of the Newtype audience and don’t ignore us, or bore us, with mainstream coverage. I please with you PiQ, before time for renewal come up, to listen to some advice from a fan. There is a magazine niche you can fill, a more robust Anime Insider for lack of a better description. The fans are here, we want to love you, but following up a super model like Newtype is not easy to do. Just a few notes from a concerned and interested party. Thanks for listening.

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