Monday, April 7, 2008

Doors of Chaos vol. 1 Manga Impression

Doors of Chaos volume 1
Keys to the doors, one to open, one to close. This is the fate of twins Clalisa, to open, and Mizeria, to close, a fate that never seemed too burdensome until their coming of age 16th birthday. Raised together away from the rest of society the girls are always in the company of their protector Rihitel and their time together is that of dreams, which turn to nightmares when Rihitel betrays and kidnaps Clalisa and begins to open the doors, the Four Doors of Chaos. There is a delicate balance between two worlds, one the land of humans where the girls reside, the other a dark and twisted land of demons. Long separated by the sealing of four doors, portals, it’s Rihitel’s betrayal and the opening of one of the doors that sets everything in motion. While trying to take Mizeria, Rihitel is thwarted by a savior in white, his opposite a protector who is protecting Mizeria. Now it’s Mizeria’s time to hunt for her sister while avoiding demons around every corner, her betrayer as well as the reality of the world outside her protected realm.

The story crafted by Ryoko Mitsuki is gothic in look and feel. There is a very medieval vibe to the settings with kings and royalty, long flowing elegant gowns and dashing heroes with swords at their sides and very real and discernable bad guys around every corner. While it’s clear who’s on which side it’s the why that will get readers hooked. The naivety of Mizeria and the sudden betrayal she must face will consume readers as it does our main actress in this cross-dimensional drama. See I’m leaving out some of the groups and characters because part of the joy I took from this book is having these new groups thrust on you as you read, but what I will share is he story and it’s progression. It moves very fast from its secret garden origins to the party being crashed, which is great, get right too it. I love a good build-up, and this book very easily could have spent a few volumes fleshing out the back-story, but it’s this fast pace that is the real hook. I don’t yet know how deep these characters are, but I do know I want to find out, find out why Rihitel betrayed those he swore to protect, find out what’ sup with Clalisa, is she going along with it. I also have the hunch the demons may not, big maybe, be as bad as they seem. White and black are not always solid colors after all. The art style also seems to be evolving as you can tell Mitsuki is getting better with each page, characters more unique and the detail outstanding down to every frilly piece of clothing.

With more to come, so much more story to flesh out, Doors of Chaos volume 1 from Tokyopop is a manga any guy or girl will enjoy for a variety of reasons. Part Shojo, part Shonen you won’t have difficulty getting into the gothic action of Doors of Chaos. Preview and enjoy.

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