Monday, March 3, 2008

O-Parts Hunter vol. 8 Impression

O-Parts Hunter volume 8
The action in O-Parts Hunter vol. 8 from Viz picks up fast and furious without any letdown for fans of the series. The battle between Jio and Cross continues and comes to an epic climax with ultimate (almost actually) powers being unleashed before a peaceful end to the battle is settled on. It’s not until Cross leaves, revealing his status that he begins to contemplate that Jio is indeed Satan. Thanks to Ruby’s intervention these two O.P.T’s don’t take the fight far enough for the ol’ 666 to get out. The Angel Haniel makes an appearance with the Kabbalah and is barley contained showing grand designs by the government. Cross makes a side trip to see the mysterious hacker Invisible, also known as the sexy, catty Ponzu (fan service, say hello). Ponzu supplies Cross with quite a bit of info on Satan and hints at info about the Kabbalah, but no dice for Cross on that front. Meanwhile Jio and the gang enter a contest, the Olympia contest in the City of Rock Bird. This is a city up in the clouds that use this contest to recruit new members and with an invaluable legendary O-Part as the prize it’s too good to pass up. Both Jio and Ball enter the prelims held on one of five airships where the last two remaining Ops will compete in the final tournament. The battle goes as expected, but when the dome raises Jio is down, and just who is this mysterious woman standing with Ball?

The story Seishi Kishimoto weaves reminds me of many an action manga from Dragon Ball Z to Naruto, but it’s the unique characters and settings that makes O-Parts Hunter so special. Using Satan as a good guy, mixing in Angels any mysterious O-Parts does not hurt either. The story found in volume 8 is along the lines of a transition story where one fight, with Cross, ends while the group gets ready to start a new story with the tournament. We get excellent art and character design that reminds readers of Kishimoto’s brothers anime (you know the one), art that is perfect for the genre. The story is interesting as it’s not all about Jio. The Kabbalah and Angels just adds to the anticipation for the next volume. O-Parts Hunter is an excellent, yes excellent, action anime where the characters will stick with you, the action will excite you and the art will please your eyes. If this recap makes you raise an eyebrow then pick up a volume and you’ll see I’m not joking.

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