Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gimmick! vol. 1 Impression

Gimmick! volume 1 manga
Kohei Nagase may get off track while on the job, but he’s one of the best special effects artist around, and you can find him at Studio Gimmick. Kohei takes on the work Ms. Shiho, his manger, throws his way, but he always seems to get sidetracked, or just shows up late to his job. Thank the lord he’s got stuntman Shingo there to save his butt and keep him on track. See, Kohei is a master of his trade, and he uses these skills with his Silver Spatula of God, to assists those in need, or I should say those hot, young actresses with nowhere else to turn in need. From helping a young actress escpate an abusive manager to see her boyfriend to foiling the plans of a spurned monster maker and helping cover up career altering scars, Kohei is the man for FX.

Gimmick! Volume 1 from Viz is a fun manga that carries on the FX action tradition seen in movies like … FX, and drops plenty of pop culture references along the way. The art of Kuroko Yabuguchi won’t blow readers away, but seeing as how these stories are set in present time, it does not need to. Characters are fun to look at and remind a lot of those seen in GetBackers. No, for Gimmick! it’s the creative storytelling of Youzaburou Kanari mixed with Yabuguchi that shines. Each story is fun, and great stand alone stories, up until the final chapter which leaves you hanging for volume 2. Using make-up to discuise an actress, to cover up a scar and even confuse and capture a disgruntled employee are all creative and references to The Godfather, The Evil Dead, Sam Rami and The Grudge just solidify this anime a one solid story. Why, because it takes it’s craft serious, talks about makeup and effects as they should be touched on, as real crafts in this day and age of digital FX. The story gets readers interested in FX in the same manner Yakutake did for bread making. Taking a interesting subject and turning it into an engaging manga is no small feat and Gimmick! delivers the goods. If your looking for something new, a break from the norm found in manga then give Gimmick! a try. It’s got action, but done in a refreshing new way, and who knew wearing makeup could be so cool.

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