Thursday, March 27, 2008

Black Blood Brothers vol. 2 Impression

Black Blood Brothers Volume 2 DVD
Black Blood Brothers volume 2 from FUNimation picks up right where volume one leaves off … but that’s the point of a continuing series, right? Anyway, Jiro and Kotaro enter the Special Zone just in time for the poo to hit the fan. While searching for a permanent residence Jiro and Kotaro crash at Mimiko’s pad, which is quaint but not quite big enough for all three residents. Mimiko informs the brothers that in order to stay in the Special Zone they will need to petition, meet with one of the three houses that run the zone, but at every turn they are declined and even attacked by dark house. Seems the Silver Sword is not too popular and everybody wants a piece of him. The Company begins to inquire about his uses while the houses go about recruiting him in one manner or another. On top of it all a second generation Kowloon shows up, the younger brother of Cassa who we learn about in flashbacks has a history with Jiro, a not too good history. Things get blow up (Mimiko’s apartment) old faces appear in new places and the past is about to catch up with Jiro on volume 2 of Black Blood Brothers.

Ok, so volume 1 of Black Blood Brothers brought the goods. Solid animation mixed with an evolving storyline. Volume 2, yeah it ups the ante, and trust me when I say I left out a lot of info in my quick recap. Viewers are treated to more and more flashbacks to Jiro’s past as those he interacted with show up in the present, and the Silver Blade shows a vulnerability not often seen this early in a series for the hero. He displays a true desperation while searching for his brother, really adds depth to his character. I really love the multiple parties, the three main vampire houses, the Company and Cassa’s family. There is also the appearance of another Kowloon, and not Cassa’s brother. Yup, this series is getting good. The story is flowing more from the past than the present and that’s ok because the flashbacks give just enough of a taste for you to stay interested while present day plays out. No complaining here as Black Blood Brothers takes itself serious when it should and throws in bucket splashing fun when appropriate. Volume 2 of a series can be a turning point and this is one series headed in the right direction.

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