Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Black Blood Brothers vol. 1 Impression

Meet Jiro and Kotaro Mochizuki, two vampires just looking to make their way into the Special Zone where vampires are free to live their lives. While travelling as ‘passengers’ on a ship, Jiro and his brother come under attack by a task for from the Order Coffin Company, but they are not the target. Turns out there are other stowaways on the ship, one of which is rumored to be a Kowloon, a breed of vampire that infect anyone with a bit and control them. See the Kowloon were responsible for a massive conflict years ago, and they are the reason the Special Zone is setup, as it’s the one true place for vampire to live freely, while being monitored. This is just the beginning of Black Blood Brothers volume 1 from FUNimation. There is more to the special zone than meets the eye as certain blood lines are kept out and negotiators, or I should say Compromisers like Mimiko Katsuragi are caught between two works working to keep the peace. Did I mention that Jiro is also known as the Silver Sword and shows off some very impressive skills as the series begins and a blonde named Alice is introduced? No, well you need to get the series for more info.

Usually I do more of a recap when talking about a new DVD, but with Black Blood Brothers I don’t have this need. This vampire anime falls in line with Trinity Blood. It has the makings of an epic story with political and personal intrigue, humans and vampire living together with both sides having opposing instances, serious heroes and humor mixed in. The main difference is where Trinity Blood had gothic beauty, Black Blood Brothers offers up a more Hellsing feeling of modern day design. So the story of vampire living with human is nothing new, but it’s being done right in Black Blood Brothers with subtle hints at past story points that urge the viewer to keep watching as this is one layered cake that is going to taste delicious. The animation is good, but I won’t lie, it does not break new ground. It may not disappoint, but it also wont’ leave you drooling. The voice acting is also standard fare, solid as always from FUNimation, but not wow good. So here I drop a comparison to Trinity Blood, then say the animation and voice work is standard, well that’s just how good this story is shaping up to be. Trust me on this one. Vampire anime can be excellent if done right with the proper action and story. This is Black Blood Brothers volume 1 in a nutshell, a vampire anime with excellent story, great action and an overall package that will please any vampire fan out there.

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