Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ragnarok: The Animation vol. 2 Impression

More fantasy adventuring awaits with nine more episodes of Ragnarok: The Animation vol. 2 from FUNimation. Roan and Yufa continue their adventures, but with the appearance of Yufa’s brother, at least his body, and his pure evilness there seems to be a much larger conspiracy. The Dark Lord is beginning to unveil more of his plans, send out more of his agents. Demons are becoming bolder and humans are taking notice. Roan faces his own inner demons as he comes face-to-face with the fact he cannot truly protect Yufa. He seeks more power only to be saved by a Crusader, which leads him on a new path himself as a Crusader. Yufa also sets off on a new path as a Priest in order to gain more power to help others. After each character faces their inner-demons they reunite stronger than before, ready to take on the growing threat of the Dark Lord. Iruga, ever the strong, invincible member of the party finally shows even his powers have limits, translation he gets beat up pretty bad a few times. Takius breaks down over and over as she learns she’s just a pawn, always has been, of her master, a master who just happens to serve the Dark Lord.

The paths of each member into the darkness with their emergence into the light stronger than before strikes every member of the team. Where volume 1 reminded me very much of Slayers, this volume got much darker with the humor not as prevalent. Darkness and despair, yes that’s the name of the game, but with a story that’s becoming more and more engaging, characters that are now showing a depth not imagined in the first volume, Ragnarok is moving along at a lovely pace any fantasy anime fan will enjoy. I like the characters, Roan had to grow on me, but I like him now. The story is cookie cutter but with a tasty new frosting spread on top. The action is getting deeper, and does not draw out too long and the bad guys, they are just getting started. Did I mention there are nine episodes in volume 2? This is value for your anime buck you cannot ignore, and with limited shelf space in retailers it never hurts to add this extra value. I suggest checking out various anime, but this time I will say if you like fantasy anime then buy Ragnarok: The Animation vol. 2.

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