Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fairy Cube vol. 1 Impression

Fairy Cube Volume 1 Manga
Fairy Cube, new from Viz Media, is a Shojo manga full of vengeance and betrayal, the supernatural mixed with blood feuds and a story any Shojo and even Shonen fan can truly enjoy. Created and penned by Kaori Yuki, known for Angel Sanctuary and Godchild, Fairy Cube creates a world where fairies are not always good and the hero sometimes wants good bloody vengeance no matter the cost.

Ian Hasumi sees fairies, has always been able to see fairies and is treated like a liar, even nicknamed Ian the Liar, for trying to tell others about his gift. Only one other person believes him, his best friend and secret crush Rin Ishinagi, whom he shows these fairies too. This is not Ian’s only gift for he’s also cursed by a green haired version of himself, Tokage, who seems out to ‘get’ Ian at every turn. See Tokage is an evil lizard spirit who takes over Ian’s body leaving his soul to wander. There has been a rash of murders where the victims seem to have blood spattered wings. These victims have a habit of turning up ok, but with different personalities at times, the victims of fairy takeover, same as Ian. See spirits like Tokage are moving into the human plain and waging war on each other. Tokage thinks he’s won, taken Ian’s body and his girl, but he’s wrong. With the help of the mysterious Kaito (there’s always a mysterious guy) and the hard headed fairy Ainsel, Ian gets a new body, that of a deceased boy, in order to get back at Tokage and protect Rin. This is when the fun starts as the body is that of a young child whose grandmother knows Ian is not her grandson and has knowledge of fairies. On a quest for vengeance, not matter the cost, is where we find ourselves at the end of volume 1, an ending leaving the reader hooked and waiting for volume 2.

The art and design Yuki creates is pleasing on the eye and carrier that dreamy Shojo look that hooks the reader into a sense of comfort before delivering graphic scenes of bloodied victims. Quite delicious I must say and when you add in a story where the ‘hero’ wants revenge no matter whom else suffers, well it’s quite a trip. In volume 1 we are given a glimpse into the fairy world where Ian and Ainsel survive due to Ian’s knowledge and we are also left with a teaser at the end as Ian’s new grandmother knows he’s not the original owner of his new body, and she has knowledge of the fairy world. I’ve not even touched on the title, Fairy Cube, which refers to cubes with animals and other objects in them that turn up on many a school child. Ian for instance had one with a lizard in it. These three story elements, the cube, grandmothers knowledge and fairy world are just three items I cannot wait to see explored more as Ian seeks revenge on Tokage.

With art that stands above the norm and a story that hooks you with little effort Fairy Cube is shaping up to be more than just another Shojo manga, it’s looking to be a title worthy of your dollar and shelf space. This isn’t your little sisters manga, so sit back and get ready for a tale of fantasy weaved into vengeance all read right to left.

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