Wednesday, February 13, 2008

D.Gray-Man vol. 8 Impression

Volume 8 of D.Gray-Man continues the story of Allen Walker with minimal Allen Walker in this volume. You can gain a deeper understanding of how I feel about the series as a whole in my old blog as I spoke about D.Gray-Man vol. 6. I still find the story, at times, confusing as it moves very fast and there seems to be so much back-story left to learn about, but I’m very pleased to say volume 8 really kicks up and continues the battle from volume 7 and starts to give hope for future volumes. As the book says, the battle on the seas continues as the team Allen left fights for their lives while continuing their search for General Cross. Lenalee unleashes a power never seen in a equip type innocence, one where her innocence protects her from death as she gives her all to protect her team. I am sad to say here long luscious hair ends up short, very sad. Allen is still recovering from his previous battle and appears in a few dream sequences, but it’s the battle on the ship that takes center stage. Thanks to Miranda’s time altering power the ship is holding together, but at the end of the journey we learn the real price humans are willing to pay to see the Earl defeated as the entire ship's crew is killed, only kept alive by Miranda’s power. A sad scene indeed, but one that gives hope the survived exorcist as they hunt for General Cross. Speaking of the dear ol’ general, he’s dispatched a modified Akuma to assist the exorcist, and he does by returning a hurt Lenalee and playing motor on the ship. That and it seems to have a hell of a sense of humor as well as a message from the general. Stay away from Edo, where he is, as the Earl is setting up a base with may level 3 Akuma protecting it. The general does not want the exorcist to get in his way, or get themselves killed. Really, does anyone every listen to request like these? We are also treated to some pretty sweet fighting from Lavi and Arystar and … well that’s the volume.

The story is getting better as now I’m not so worried about the Earl and history and more focused on the hunt for the various generals, Allen’s recovery and the beautifully drawn fights. Katsura Hoshino’s art is just a pleasure to look at with fights just begging for animation and a story that confuses at times, but is delivering fast and furious now. Volume 9 does not hit for a few months, so take the time to catch up, re-read past volumes as D.Gray-Man is fast becoming one of my favorite manga. Great art, good story mixed with outstanding action and flow makes for one heck of a smooth manga.

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