Sunday, January 6, 2008

What's Old is New Again

Evening Ladies and Gents. James here, posting as Anime Sentinel. I've been posting about anime, manga and video games for over four years now. These post stared on my first Anime Sentinel blog (AOL Journals closed Dec 2008, post moved to this new blog) and then carried over to Comics Alliance, the comic community over on AIM.

It stared as a hobby, when I worked at AOL Games which then carried over to GameDaily and now I'm starting up ... or I should say carrying on with a new blog. See I'm taking the most recent post from my old blog along with some choice post from Comics Alliance, collecting them here and then ramping up with new impressions post here in 2008 about anime, manga, video games and now comics. It's time for a refresh, one in which I'll be reaching out to more Otaku out there. Good times, here's to new beginnings.

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