Monday, January 21, 2008

Venus Versus Virus vol. 1 Impression

Take one mysterious girl (or is she a grown woman?) team her with a youthful schoolgirl, mix in some monsters, called Virus and you’ve got the basic idea behind Venus Versus Virus. Demons roam the city, seen by those with special sight. These same humans who can see Virus are also the preferred target due to their high spiritual energy. School girl Sumire falls into this category and this is how she comes into contact with Lucia. Lucia is part of the Venus Vanguard, a group that fights Virus, and she works alone until she comes in contact with Sumire, and a hidden power is revealed, one which Sumire cannot control, that could do more damage than any Virus if it’s not contained. Think of this power as a souped up Virus hidden as a secondary personality in Sumire. Its strange stuff and the monsters are even stranger in Venus Versus Virus.

I was … tepid when I first received Venus Versus Virus from ADV Films. First you’ll always notice a DVD in a gray case. Second the bright, vivid character designs tend to put me off as I like my supernatural anime to be not so cheery. This however was not the case as Venus Versus Virus reminded me of Burst Angel in its dual heroine action with fast paced action and unique character designs. Story wise you get a mystery. Who and what is Lucia, what is the origin of the Venus Vanguard, what is Sumire’s true power and who is behind the Virus? These questions will be answered in future volumes, but I cannot say I’ll be there. Why? Simply put I do like Venus Versus Virus, but my supernatural fix is most def going to be filled with a few other anime out there.

With some bright vivid character designs, a developing story and good animation Venus Versus Virus is worth a look for fans of the paranormal, but with titles like Tokyo Majin from ADV and Hell Girl from FUNimation you’ve got other options.

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