Monday, January 14, 2008

Tokyo Majin vol. 1 Impression

Say hello to Tokyo Majin from ADV Films. Based on a PlayStation game series, this new action series from ADV Films is hot off the Japanese air waves and into your DVD player. Five Magami High School students, Tatsuma Hiyu (the transfer student), Kyouichi Horaiji (the delinquent), Aoi Misato (class president), Komaki Sakurai (archery team captain) and Yuya Daigo (wresting club captain) are all drawn together due to their special powers, powers to combat the supernatural evil unleashed upon Tokyo. Where have they drawn their powers from, where is this evil coming from, who is desecrating shrines and why are so many students disappearing? These are just a few questions introduced, and some answered in the first volume of Tokyo Majin from ADV Films.

Fans of horror and super natural anime will find a welcome addition to their collection with the surprising Tokyo Majin … surprising not for lack of quality rather that we’ve not heard about this anime before it hit our shores. Bleach, a similar action based super natural anime received great fanfare in the states before finally hitting from Viz, but what ADV has done with Tokyo Majin is release a series right after it aired in Japan (says so right in their press release ;) All kidding aside this series is hot. I know nothing of the game for which it’s based, but what I do know if the action, the animation and the story is all top notch. The fights are fluid, filled with combat, both physical and elemental that leaves you itching with anticipation for the turnout while the character designs are cool in a Persona III type of way. As for the final piece of the puzzle, the story is engaging as volume one introduces you to the characters after showing them in action. You begin to learn how they came together, and that they are just a small piece of a much larger puzzle.

How the story turns out is what will keep you coming back for more, but it’s the action that will have you watching from the edge of your seats. No doe eyed high schoolers here, just your slickly designed anime with great story and action that any action anime fan, ANY FAN, will dig.

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