Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McFarlane's Dragons Series 7: The Fall of the Dragon Kingdom

McFarlane Toys has worked very hard to establish a solid reputation in the action figure market with ventures into sports, comics, movies, anime, military and dragons to name a few. It's the last set of figures listed that I wanted to touch on. Seven series of Dragons figures have been released by McFarlane, but for me this seventh series is my first venture into the highly detailed beasties. From the packaging I already knew these were the figures I dreamed of in my youth while reading DragonLance and DragonRealm novels. what I did not know is the story these figures are weaved into, a story outlined in four chapters, one of which comes with each figure. Read the full Fall of the Dragon Kingdom story online now. There are also more goodies from wallpaper to sweet pics of each dragon.

This seventh set of dragons contains the Warrior, Fire, Water and Ice dragons as well as the large, three headed Hydra boxed set. Check out the images below. Each figure is highly detailed and very easy to assemble. My personal fave is the Ice dragon. Each figure looks great and displays even better, but it's the Hydra that takes the cake in this set. Easily three times as large as any other dragon the Hydra's size really relays the challenge the dragon kingdom faces with the resurrection of the ancient and evil Hydra.

With his final breath the evil dragon sorcerer Dy'Grunus unleashes the legendary Hydra, long imprisoned in a volcano. As the Hydra ravages the land it's up to King Draako, his allies and enemies alike to take on this ravenous evil. Ancient barriers created to stop the Hydra fail and those who worshipped the Hydra learn there is no benevolence in their idol, only death and despair. Seeking vengeance the Hydra move towards the Speaking Chamber which houses the Rune that's elevated dragon kind to their current societal level. Will the Hydra be stopped? Will dragon kind survive? These are just a few of the questions answered in McFarlane's story, one that I was pleasantly surprised by and which is most-def worth checking out. Take a look at the figures below, read the story and prepare to get hooked.

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