Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dark Side of the Horse Intermission

Back on Comics Alliance I started a semi-monthly feature that looked just at Star Wars comics from Dark Horse. I, like many of you, loves me some Star Wars lore, both before, after and during the movies. I've read novels and they are great, but seeing new and old characters in print is priceless and I started this feature to look at the latest from the Horse. Here are a few links, three to be exact, to my first three Dark Side of the Horse features. I'll be continuing this feature on Anime Sentinel, my newly re-launched blog, but you knew that as you're here.

Dark Side of the Horse - Taking a look at two comics and one sweet 30th Anniversary book. Not a meaty as I would like, but a good start.

Dark Side of the Horse II - Four comics this time. Still not the meal I'd like to deliver, but a tasty treat indeed.

Dark Side of the Horse III - Now this is a manly mans meal. Two 30th Anniversary books, one large collection, five ongoing comics and two Clone Wars books ... the Force was indeed with me.

Dark Side of the Horse IV ... coming soon

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