Friday, January 11, 2008

2007 Holiday Anime & Video Game Recap

Back in December I wrote four different pieces on Comics Alliance about must have items for the holidays. This started with a guide to PSP games then extended to must have Video Games, 20 total. Next up I wrote about a handful of books to get and finally DVD box sets. These post were driven by content I've been exposed too, so there were certain games (BioShock) and DVD sets (Gundam SEED) that were left out, but worthy purchases. I really enjoyed writing about these, and wanted to take a look back with some notes on my choices and links back to the original post. Enjoy this look back at 2007 as these items (most) are still great purchases worthy of your collected holiday gift cards ;)

2007 Holiday PSP Must Haves - Nov 8th 2007
Ah, the first of my four post. This was also going to be the only holiday list I did as I have had greater exposure to PSP. I stand 100% by every game on this list, and have since had a chance to play both Silent Hill and MGS Portable Ops +. Silent Hill is a worthy chapter in the twisted history of the franchise while MGSPO+ is more of the fandom I love from Hideo's masterful franchise.

2007 Holiday Must-have Video Games - Nov 20th 2007
This was a follow-up to the PSP piece I did. I love PSP, but as I got my hands on more games I just had to expand and talk about more systems and games. This list is biased, games I played, and guess what, it's a photo gallery. See the original post was a short paragraph leading into a photo gallery. Not everyone understood the five games they saw listed were just the first of twenty games. For this reason I'm taking you right to the main article. Not every great game is listed as I only put games I played, but I'll admit I missed the bus on Soulcalibur Legends. It was a fun game, but Bleach on Wii is better.

Books for Christmas ... Really - Nov 30th 2007
Looking back at this list I have no regrets. Some of the comments were funny, but in the end these books and their content is for fans, and guess what folks, not all of you are fans so relax.

Must Have DVD Box Sets, Holidays 2007 - Dec 13th 2007
Another photo gallery, one I had a lot of issues narrowing down. I ended up picking some of my favorite collections from ADV Films, Viz Media and FUNimation. Each appeals to a different audience so check it out. If you could only get one of these series, apologies to all, I'd have to say Trinity Blood is the winner.

Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me. I know so far I've reprinted a few post from older blogs, but I'm just getting started. In the coming days and weeks I'll be taking a closer look at some of the newer games coming out on 08 as well as new anime and manga ... then it's onto the Dark Side of the Horse ... you'll see.

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