Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kingdom Hearts II vol. 1 Impression

Kingdom Hearts II vol. 1 manga from Tokyopop is, guess what, an adaptation of the video game. Shiro Amano both pens and pencils this adaptation as we are introduced to Roxas living in a small town with his friends doing what friends do, hanging out. Roxas is haunted by dreams of Sora and is eventually confronted by Axel and Namine first met in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The story in volume 1 gets you to the point of Sora awakening, but not quite there. All the little things from the game, from doing odd jobs to earn money to losing that money to the encounter with the Nobody’s outside the mansion.

Amano’s art is neat. He does great justice to the Disney characters, not really seen in this volume but check out the others, and makes the reader feel like they’ve reentered the game, and here lies the issue. If, like me, you love these games you will love this manga. I’ve played all three Kingdom Hearts games and know the story. If you pick up the first manga you can get into the story of Sora, but it’s not going to hold the same meaning as the gamers this series was created for.

Hey, Kingdom Hearts rocked as a video game, and as a manga it holds the same magic gamers experienced. If you’re a KH fan, a true fan, you must get this manga and the ones before it. If you’re not a die-hard fan, or have a passing interest in Disney or the art of Shiro Amano then I’d pick up vol. 1 of the first manga, give it a spin and see if you want to continue. I enjoy it and hope you will also.

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